De La Hoya in the Fight of His Life

Oscar De La Hoya is in the fight for his life as he checked back into substance abuse rehab. Photo Credit: Dennis J. Freeman
Oscar De La Hoya is in the fight for his life as he checked back into substance abuse rehab. Photo Credit: Dennis J. Freeman

Drugs are dangerous. Drugs kill the body. It robs the soul. Drugs have a way of tormenting the mind. Anytime you subject yourself to the use and indulgence of illicit substances bad things happen. All the fame and money in the world cannot render drugs to that of a helpless spectator.

Drugs act like a powdery pimp. It is controlling and dictates your coming and going. It tells you what to do.  While you think you’re getting a quick fix with a little white powder going up your nose or inhaling some type of other illegal drug paraphernalia, eventually you become a freewill slave to that substance of choice.

You become shackled to that high it made you feel.

At the end of the day the high is not worth the sacrifices and damages drugs can have on  a person. I’ve seen it in my own family. I grew with young people, whose lives became a routine of cycle of needles and syringes and desperation. Substance abuse takes you from the normal you to being someone that even your own parents and friends can’t recognize.

Those close to Golden Boy Promotions godfather Oscar De La Hoya are probably seeing this play out in living color. It  must be serious business for De La Hoya to miss out on the Floyd Mayweather-Saul Canelo Alvarez mega-fight. De La Hoya, according to multiple reports, is now back in rehab to fight an ongoing battle with substance abuse.

This leads me to believe that De La Hoya, who spoke at a celebrated press conference recognizing the two fighters at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles, must be on the verge of utter disaster for him to check into his latest stint of substance rehab.

The good thing is that De La Hoya said going to the big fight between Mayweather and Alvarez was not worth losing himself and everything he built to self-destruction.

We don’t know what type of substance that De La Hoya is battling, but we do know that the 10-time world champion is in the right frame of mind to do the right thing.

Historically, that has not always been the case with high-profile celebrities and the much-adored athletes in the past. “Iron” Mike Tyson’s substance abuse problems has been well-documented.

Hall of Fame boxer Sugar Ray Leonard admitted in his autobiography how substance abuse played a part in the crumbling of his first marriage. Abuse of illegal substances doesn’t just hit the rich and famous. It is a national disease that needs curing. Those with more money just have more access.

It takes a responsible person to humble themselves and admit they need help. The fact that De La Hoya came out and announced he needed help for his addiction just days before one of the biggest money-making fights for Golden Boy Promotions, says a lot about the character of the man.

We wish De La Hoya the best and pray he overcomes this almost never-ending fight.

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