Kings Fans Get Royal Treatment

kingsfestLOS ANGELES-The LA Kings gave their fans a little treat on Sunday. They held a fan fest for ticket members and the general public at the Staples Center.

The Kings kicked off their fourth annual festival to welcome back the game of Hockey. More than 2,000 fans showed up to support their team.

The event opened up with a presser from LA Kings Hockey Coach Darryl Sutter telling fans “make sure you put a lot of pressure on the players.” The fans gave Sutter a loud cheer, which means they completely concur.

Highlights from the event included Kings’ players, coaches, question and answer sessions, management, and alumni interacting with fans. The players also signed autographs. But the best part of the day was the kid press conference.

Kids were able to ask the players questions about hockey and their personal lives. One kid asked star player Jonathan Quick, if he knew how to twerk. A dance that became popular after Disney Actress Miley Cyrus posted a video of her twerking.

Quick responded with a giggle and a simple one word answer “no.” That had to be the most appealing question asked by the kids.

Fans also got a chance to be featured in a Kings video that will air sometime in October. The video was shot across the street from the Staples Center at LA Live.

The LA Kings debuted their logo on the center ice for the first time. Fans had a chance to be the first ones to skate on that ice. They were allowed to bring their own skates for the open skate session.

Fan fest is a very charming way to give appreciation to dedicated fans. Nothing is more important than letting your fans know you appreciate them. I’ve covered a couple of fan fest and the LA Kings Hockey fest was by far one of the best.

After an early conference final exit look for the Kings to come back stronger this season. Their fans have the right to celebrate in a fashionable way, the Kings won the Stanley Cup a year ago, and was able to advance to the Finals this year.

The season opener kicks off Thursday October 3rd against Minnesota.







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