Guns Gone Wild

The Washington Navy Yard where at least 12 people were killed on Monday by Aaron Alexis. Photo: WikiMedia Commons
The Washington Navy Yard where at least 12 people were killed on Monday by Aaron Alexis. Photo: WikiMedia Commons

When will it end? Another mass shooting has taken place. This time instead of a schoolyard setting, the location of choice took place not too far from the White House when Aaron Alexis, a military contractor, went ballistic and shot up the Washington Navy Yard, mortally wounding at least 12 people.

Another dozen individuals suffered gunshot wounds during the killing rampage. The gun control debate has once again reared its ugly head.

More innocent lives have been snuffed out for no reason than just being live practice bait for a warped-minded killer. The madness of random shootings where a bunch of people catch their last breaths is becoming even more maddening and perplexing.

No one expects to get up in the morning, go to work or attend school only to become a statistic of gun violence. This has become a disturbing pattern, almost like a way of life like we’re supposed to expect it.

That’s because the leaders of this country don’t give two cents about that as long they are getting their kickbacks, paybacks and return favors for their loyalty to the gun-making industry. No, it is not wrong to own a gun.

It is wrong to suggest that there shouldn’t be limitations or restrictions on who should own a weapon and how they use them. If don’t get this right in order to protect innocent citizens, this country is going to go back to the wicked ways of the Wild, Wild West.

At this point, with the Virginia Tech massacre, the Colorado movie theater shootings, the Washington, D.C. sniper’s murderous reign, the infamous Columbine School homicidal act, and the Sandy Hook School terror plot, mass shootings have been embedded into our culture.

But because our leaders coward at the sight of gun lobbyists, we have become so indoctrinated with the nonsense that we all have the right to bear arms that it has taken away our common sense on the matter.


Why does it keep happening? Why are our leaders so paralyzed from acting with more measures that will tightened gun laws in this country? Will it make a difference in the number of homicides and targeted shootings if measures were taken to restrict gun access by individual citizens?

Maybe. Perhaps not. But we will never know if we continue to sit back and allow gun lobbyists like the National Rifle Association (NRA) bully our spineless political leaders into saying nothing about gun control.

How much more blood have to be shed before states get on board in regulating some measure of gun control? In some instances, gun legislation won’t stop madmen bent of casting destruction, pain and death.

Miserable people want to make other people’s lives just to be miserable or orchestrate an episode of hate because they like themselves very much. Fort Hood murderer Maj. Nidal Hasan is a perfect example of this, going AWOL and killed 13 people and wounded scores more four years ago.

Public mass shooting have become so much of the norm that it is a scary thought to comprehend. It used to be that these types of circumstances would happen more often than not in urban areas where gangs ruled their respective territories with a plethora of illegal-gotten guns and other terrorist acts.

The cities of Chicago and Philadelphia vividly illustrate this point. Unsuspected drive-by shootings have been the main artery of destruction of life for these perpetrators of violence.

Public shootings have now expanded beyond the borders of urban communities. It has now entrenched itself into the mainstream pipeline of schools and the corporate world. And it is spreading. There were 16 recorded mass shootings in 2012 alone that left 88 people dead. It gets worse.

According to the Congressional Research Service, 547 people have been killed and another476 more have been wounded in public shootings since 1983. That is a lot of innocent lives that have been taken from us. The FBI’s 2012 crime report documents that 14, 827 people were killed in the United States.

Children, students, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers and friends, all snatched away in a blink of an eye by gun violence. That student on his way to school via public transit has to glance over his shoulder every so often just to check to see if there’s a possible madman coming aboard a metro train.

The mother going to the grocery store to get some milk for her children is probably going to be wary about who is lurking in the aisles while she shops. Going to the movies may not be the same experience it used to be before that Colorado mass shooting. This is not something that is supposed to be happening.

Unfortunately, the climate of violence around us, including the way we entertain ourselves, calls for it.


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