Beautifying the San Diego Sky with the Charger Girls

chargergirlsShelbidone JPGstar
San Diego Chargers cheerleader Shelbi reflect the Charger Girls military swimsuit theme. Photo Credit: Mike Nowak, San Diego Chargers

The San Diego Chargers are sizzling with their offensive play. With the way quarterback Philip Rivers and Co. have lit up the scoreboard so far this 2013 NFL season, you might come to the conclusion that the Chargers are pretty hot right now. The Charger Girls are even hotter.

Thanks to a newly unveiled 18-month swimsuit calendar, the Charger Girls can go pom-pom to pom-pom with any cheer squad in the league and still come out on top, flashing those bright smiles good enough to light up the San Diego sky. Yes, they are that good.

And yes, the Charger Girls certainly have a way of getting your attention when you stroll up to Qualcomm Stadium, catch some tailgating food before taking your seats to watch the Bolts play a football game.

Thanks to the introduction of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders before sideline entertainment became totally ingrained into the NFL’s consciousness, hot-looking and beautiful cheer squads has given the sport a big-time boon.

Cheer squads like the Charger Girls now get about as much attention as the players do on the football field.

“We, as NFL cheerleaders, will always be grateful for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, seeing as they were the first NFL cheer team,” Charger Girls Director Lisa Simmons said. “They pretty much paved the way for other clubs to have entertainment teams. It’s nice.

“As the popularity of the NFL fan-base grows and the popularity of NFL cheerleading teams grows, we’ve been able to really expose a side of NFL cheerleading that haven’t always been there. That’s really highlighting these women for what they are, whether it is a student or full-time career women…they really tackle a lot and are so much more than what you see on the field during game day when they are performing.”

The Charger Girls are developing a reputation of their own with their hypnotic and dance moves and alluring sky is the limit smiles.

chargergirlsAndreadone JPGfinal
Charger Girls team member Andrea will get a lot of attention from the calendar. Photo Credit: Mike Nowak, San Diego Chargers

“She is the complete package,” Simmons said.”She is an ambassador for the club and the organization. She is driven and compassionate about giving to her community, obviously a talented performer and someone we are just extremely thrilled to have to represent our brand and serve our community.”

Like any cheer squad around the NFL, the Charger Girls have become a brand. That brand is perhaps using the opportunity as a professional football cheerleader into modeling careers, work in corporate America or branching off into the big-bang entertainment industry known as Hollywood.

It’s all good for these lovely ladies to be part of the only professional football team in Southern California. Access, great weather and fulfilling their football fantasies make for a great combination for these women.  Being of part of the Chargers is a mere stepping stone to a much more lucrative career for some.

For others, it is a lifetime thrill.  The 28-member Charger Girls team include many locals, but also include a few women making the commute from the Los Angeles and Orange County areas. Amazing as it seems, this year’s Charger Girls incorporate several ladies that have relocated from other states just to see their dream come true to be part of an NFL team cheer squad.

That dream is entertaining thousands of football fans. You have lawyers, college students, educators and fitness instructors whipping their hair around in the beautiful Southern California sun, while exploding with sexy dance moves that engages the crowd with vibrant entertainment.

The Charger Girls swimsuit calendar takes what you see on the field to the next level in sexiness and goddess appeal.

And it is all for a good cause. Proceeds from the Charger Girls swimsuit calendar go to the Wounded Warrior Project, a military organization that raises public awareness of injured service members and provide the men and women with services to assist them.

Ironically, the Charger Girls decided to tie in the military to their swimsuit calendar by honoring the enlisted men and women with a theme dedicated to them. With San Diego having a large military presence, it is only fitting that the Charger Girls show them some love.

“We produced a military-theme calendar this year in an effort to support San Diego and it being a being a military-based community,” said Simmons. “It is something we’ve wanted to do for a couple of years, and it kind of made sense with this year being the 25th anniversary of our salute to the military. We shot at a couple of unique spots here in San Diego and traveled up to Santa Clarita to visit a site that houses military vehicles used a lot in films.

“Once we decided on a theme, it kind of pieced itself all together, in terms of securing location and styling the ladies with swimwear and their own individual looks for each shoot. It’s always been important to us being a military-based community. But it made sense for us to hold off and do it in honor of the 25th anniversary of our salute to the military.”

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