The Electric Box: Putting a Charge in a Win

Philip_Rivers_WIDE1226The San Diego Chargers pulled off the unexpected when they defeated the Philadelphia Eagles for a tough road win. Then again, anytime you play a game in the National Football League, things can happen. Guys have pride. They are professionals just like the men they line up against every week.

The Chargers have proven this much the  last couple of weeks, going toe-to-toe with the Houston Texans and then making the long road trip to Philly to knock off the high-flying Eagles. It’s only two games, but the Chargers are showing promise. The Chargers, with the pinpoint passing of Philip Rivers, have shown they can score against any team.

However, they have also shown that the defensive unit needs some work if they want to contend for a playoff berth. Giving up 61 points in two games won’t get it done. At some point, the Chargers defense is going to have to go knuckleball and hit some folks in the facemask.

The Chargers managed to beat the Eagles because Philadelphia coach Chip Kelly mismanaged the time clock at the  end of the game and didn’t execute scoring plays that fell through their hands.

But getting a win in this league at any time is a big deal. Instead of starting the season at 0-2, the Chargers are now batting.500 with a 1-1 mark and have to feel good about what they are doing on offense. That begins and ends with the play of Rivers, who is trying to regain his four-time Pro Bowl form.

The last couple of years ears has’t been so kind for Rivers and the Chargers.

This year could be different. Through the first two games, the Chargers are playing at a much different level. Rivers is leading the way with seven touchdown passes thrown and accumulating 614 yards through the air. Rivers and the Chargers lit up the Eagles’ defense for 539 total yards. Rivers passed for 419 yards and three touchdowns against the Eagles.

The potency with this offense could be just as lethal as the Eagles’ hybrid version. Only injuries could possibly derail the Chargers’ offense from going offtrack. The impressive thing about the Chargers’ win is that it was achieved in front of a hostile environment where you attend games at your own risk. That had to be a real nice ride home back to San Diego for Rivers and his teammates.

Coach Mike McCoy, so far, has looked like this first-time gig hasn’t been overwhelming for him. The good thing is that his team is responding to him with high energy and effort on the field. Enough said.

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