Football Fumbles: Pale to the Redskins


photo credit: Keith Allison via photopin cc
photo credit: Keith Allison via photopin cc

A slur is a slur. No matter how you cover it up and pretend its doesn’t exist, an insult is an insult. In case you missed it, there is an uproar over the NFL’s Washington Redskins.  Many people are upset about the name being used. I’m upset and I am not a Native American.

You don’t have to be part of a certain ethnic group to know when a racial slur is being used. Common sense, studying your own history and being touched with a racially-tinged radar can help you make that determination pretty quickly.

Just ask the next African American or Latino man or woman you happen to run across. Football fans don’t really give two cents about whether or not the name Redskins is a type of racial epithet that can no longer be ignored.

The problem with what’s going on is the the owner of the Redskins and the Redskins organization seem as a whole to be oblivious to just how the name Redskins is both degrading and an insufferable slur. The other issue I have is that some fans want to cling back to the old days suppression and ignorance rather than go forward.

Old ways die hard. They take time to go away. But eventually they do go away. Slavery, segregation and Jim Crow were part of the American pie that fueled this capitalistic society that we call America. The habits of enslaving other people and ruling the land was superior beings was definitely a difficult thing to break for white Americans.

Defeating the Indians, robbing those people of their land and pushing those individuals into the shadows of society and getting away with it is dumbfounding. And now for the past six or seven decades football magnates would rather ignore the pain and anguish of a group of people for some football.

Team owner only continues to showcase this model of bigotry by stating in a letter to Redskins ticket holders that bearing that name is “a badge of honor.”

What a freaking hypocrite. Mr. Snyder would rather hold on to some childhood fantasy as a sports fan than doing the right and moral thing. He would rather justify his ownership with blinded arrogance than humbling himself to truly try to walk in the shoes of a Native American for a day.

That’s not going to happen. And that is what is sad about this whole episode.

You have a pompous sports owner who have no moral consideration to think about just how sensitive this matter is. With everything Mr. Snyder has said about refusing to change the name Redskins and trying to justify his racial attitude towards that particular minority group, it has become crystal clear that perhaps if the issue surrounded a controversial subject directed at other ethnic groups, he would act the same way.

A spade  is a spade. An old dog cannot come up with new tricks on his own. Snyder is who he is. He would rather scream at top of his lungs watching RG III do something spectacular on the football field than respect and honor the Indian heritage. The level of disregard for Native Americans has become big business for sports teams-at the college level and in the pros.

Some entities have wised up and took the offensive logo or photo of Native Americans off of their jerseys, helmets and replaced them with other  names. It’s time for Mr. Snyder and the Redskins to do the same.

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