Another Florida Race Blunder

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Trayvon Martin is dead. Jordan Davis is dead. And for what? Skittles and a can of iced tea and playing loud music.Enough is enough. It’s time for black men to take a stand. It is time for black people to take a stand. The state of Florida need to take a stand. It’s time to take a stand against a criminal justice system that would rather locked us up than to give our kids justice.
These two young men were killed for no reason. This system does not work for black men. It has proven itself. But in order for it to work for African Americans, more black people need to take part of jury duty. Having said that, if either Martin and Davis were white, and were killed by a black man, it is assumed the perpetrator would get the death penalty with no mercy.
What the Zimmerman and Michael Dunn cases illustrates is that the value of black is worth less than a dog. Dogs get more justice than a black man in this country. If you doubt this fact, look at what happened to NFL star Michael Vick, who went to prison for running a dogfighting ring.
This country has proven again and again that the commonality of black men, regardless of success, means being subjected to racist stereotypes, bigoted ideas and demeaning actions. And sometimes, it means the end of a precious life for no other reason than being black.
What’s the purpose of a discussion on race when black boys and men can be gunned down in cold-blooded murder and get away with it in 2014 by white men as if it is still 1860.
Another white mane shoots and kills an unarmed black boy and gets away with murder in the state of Florida. And basically escapes being charged with murder.
State Attorney Angela Corey should be fired or resign from her post. Just like the George Zimmerman case, Corey and the state of Florida were scared to bring up the race card, even though everyone but them knew that case was drawn along racial lines.
Now we have the Jordan Davis’ murder in which the young African American male lost his life to a white guy because he didn’t approve of the music the teenager and friends were playing.
Dunn even comes out with racist letters against black people and Florida’s state attorney’s office was still afraid to use during the trial. The fact that Michael Dunn was not convicted of Davis’ murder should once again speak volumes about the race divide we have in our country.
What it is says is that it is okay for black people to dance, play sports and entertain, but it is not okay to live with our vision to pursue happiness. That includes walking with a bag of Skittles and playing our music of choice.

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