A Look at “The Temptress”

Carmen Williams makes her directorial debut in "The Tempress."
Carmen Williams makes her directorial debut in “The Tempress.”

Following in the footsteps left behind  by a brother or sister can be a difficult thing to do for some people. Trying to emulate  what they’ve been successful at as a profession can be even more of a challenge to succeed. That’s not the way that budding film director Carmen Williams sees life.

Williams is heading down the path that her older brother, Eugene “Doboy” Williams, once traveled. Eugene Williams was a successful, independent filmmaker in the Los Angeles area. His niche was making and promoting short films in South Los Angeles. Williams’ success paved the way for other local and independent filmmakers to come up with short movie projects of their own.

The owner of Doboy’s Dozens Coffee House, Williams, along with a partner, created and formed Doboy’s Dozens Monthly Filmmaker Showcase, a short film screening series that was well-received throughout urban Los Angeles and resonated in Hollywood circles. That was success wasn’t enough to stop  Williams from taking his own life. The talented actor and director was just 43 when he passed away 12 years ago.

The Temptress

Fast forward to 2014.  Carmen Williams wants to keep her brother’s memory alive.  She also wants to keep his passion for the short film to continue.

She makes her directorial debut at a press screening of her film, “The Temptress” on Saturday, June 21 in Chatsworth, California. “The Temptress” focuses on the strength of a beautiful, independent woman.

The main character in the film is Amber, who gets emotionally tested when she loses what she believes was the love of her life in a tragic car accident.  Not soon after his death, she meets the handsome and charming Jonathon.

Amber questions whether or not she’s ready for this relationship or if she could love again. A true romantic at heart, Carmen Williams says “The Temptress” is what is missing in today’s films, particularly those geared towards urban audiences. Carmen Williams hopes to recapture that lost art in her film, “The Temptress,” which she spent just two months writing.

A focused and determined individual, Carmen Williams is locked in to carry on her brother’s legacy among the short film genre.  This would make Eugene proud of her.

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