Maya Angelou Still Rises

Maya Angelou. (PRNewsFoto/AARP)
Maya Angelou. (PRNewsFoto/AARP)

The queen has gone home. Maya Angelou was more than  poet. There are sure to be many narratives to describe Ms. Angelou in the coming days and months. For years to come, Ms. Angelou will be celebrated, revered and held in adoration as a signature poet, spoken word activist and woman extraordinaire.

For now, the world lost a champion of the human spirit. We will miss her measured words, her insightful wisdom and her uncanny ability to make us think critically. But of course, we will always have her famous writings and audio recordings for us to keep Ms. Angelou’s spirit alive. it is the least that we can do

. Ms. Angelou kept many of us alive with encouragement from the words that flowed from her heart. She has been what many has aspired to be. Ms. Angelou represented the best in all of us with her unfettering passion to care for her fellow man, to be able to uplift instead of castrating.

As the Bible says, life and death is in the power of the tongue. Ms. Angelou chose to speak life. That is something all of us should always remember about Ms. Angelou. The word hero gets throne around these days a like a bunch of loose flowers. There are people who do good. Then there are heroes. Ms. Angelou was a true American hero. She gave inspiration to so many people.

She taught us that there is good in all of us. She instructed us to reach higher heights, to go further and stretch our imagination. “Still I Rise,” is her monumental classic that will live forever. Ms. Angelou rose. She overcame. She mastered “I can’t” and turned that negative into “I can.”  That is what Maya Angelou was about. She was doing instead talking. She would want us to do, to care, to move and make this world a better place.

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