Americans Should Sue Congress

photo credit: SpeakerBoehner via photopin cc
photo credit: SpeakerBoehner via photopin cc

Everybody in America knows by now that House Speaker John Boehner is threatening to sue President Obama. Perhaps it is time that the people of the United States sue Boehner and the rest of the collection of clowns that make up the U. S. Congress.  Only 14 percent of the American public approve what Congress is doing (Who are these people?)

First, this tells me that Boehner has been an absolute failure as a leader of the Republican Party. Secondly, this current information also highlights the massive ineptitude of Congress. Instead of blocking everything the president does, Congress will be better served to work with him.  But they won’t. They won’t change.

These individuals who are so bent on wrecking President’s Obama’s legacy are just a bunch of individuals still carrying animosity in their hearts from the time the  commander-in-chief was elected into the Oval Office in 2008. The Republican Party still don’t get it.

They are so filled with hatred and bitterness they can’t even see the trees from the shade. They are too blinded by their own lack of success during the last five and half years that all they have is to lay blame is the president for the way the country is operating now. The buffoon gallows are at now at work.

Boehner is the lead buffoon because he seems like he can’t get his head out of his rear end long enough to actually do his job. It is Congress  that calls the shot on whether or not we go to war, not the president. It is Congress who have the power to enact new laws, not Mr. Obama or any other sitting president.

Instead of all the hating, childish threats and the old and tired backbiting of Washington politics, Boehner and Congress should get their house in order. The American people are watching. There will be a lot of people in Congress who are going to be out on the streets come this November much the same way House Majority Leader Eric Cantor found himself on the losing end of a Republican primary election in June.

Cantor, who has been a major thorn in President Obama’s side since be became majority leader, will make his exit from Capitol Hill at the end of July. Expect a much larger exodus in the fall within the Republican Party. The Republican Party is simply an out of touch bunch living on past success.

They are not creative. They have no long-term solution to run for president. The biggest stumble the party has is that it is not in touch with middle-class America. They lost touch a long time ago. A 14 percent approval rating from the American public articulates Congress’ ineffectiveness of getting things done. That should be a hint, Mr. Boehner. The people are not happy with you or your stumbling and fumbling colleagues.

Change is going to come. Just don’t be too surprised to see it comes from within the Republican Party before any frivolous lawsuit against the president ever becomes reality.

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