The Genius of Mike Tyson

mikeLos Angeles-Mike Tyson is still poetry in motion even if he is taking the stage  talking about his life as he did at the BET Experience In Los Angeles. The once renowned “Baddesst Man on the Planet” is just as revered today as he once was fighting and wiping out opponents in the ring.

Wherever Tyson goes he creates a stir. It was no different this past weekend as Tyson brought those unmistakable massive shoulders and stocky stature to the podium to share the stage with rapper/poet Common. It was a good blend as Common kept his questions simple and easy and allowed the former heavyweight boxing champion to get comfortable and open up about his life-good, bad and indifferent.

Much like the he way he was in the ring when he became the youngest man to become heavyweight champion, Tyson mesmerized and brought a hypnotic aura to the stage. Some people may call it having presence. Whatever it is, Tyson exudes it much like the way  he made people gravitate towards him when he knocked out 44 fighters of his 50-win professional boxing career.


Just like when he was in the ring making a living, Tyson became unbridled in what he shared with the Genius Talks audience. Tyson went  just about anywhere and everywhere with the conversation with Common, revisiting his formidable boxing years,talking about losing just about all of the estimated $300 million that he made in the ring, providing insight of his love for his children and discussing his one-man act on Broadway.

Of course, Common asked Tyson about the loss of his young daughter. For a moment, you could barely hear a whisper as Tyson digested and answered the question without getting overwhelmingly emotional about the topic. There was a brief pause after the question was posed, and you could hear the audience holding their collective breaths.

The champ made it through that round. One of the more fascinating aspects about Tyson is that now he  doesn’t take himself seriously, which he admitted. Some of the attributes about Tyson, which many people found out is that Tyson can be very thoughtful, reflective, extremely humorous at times, but also self-deflecting. Which is a good thing for Tyson. The humanity of Mike Tyson was always been the butt of conversation during his heyday as one of the all-time greats in boxing.


That’s not the case anymore. You feel Tyson’s pain in describing losing his baby. You see him light up like a Christmas tree when he discusses his children.  You emphasize with him as he walks the audience through his afflictions and trying to exercise his bad habits. But you also see a resourceful and proud  warrior that has gone through different battles in his lifetime to give testimony of where he is today.

Tyson has succeeded where many people thought he would not have: out of the ring. His one-man stage play, ” Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth Live On Stage” was a monster hit across the country. “Undisputed Truth: My Autobiography,”  a memoir by Tyson, became a national bestseller.

He’s acted and been in films. He is a headliner wherever he goes. This speaks to the iconic cult figure Tyson has become. This also speaks to the perseverance of a man with a lot to live for. The genius of Mike Tyson is that his inward strength is far greater than any left-hand uppercut he used in the ring to knock guys out.


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