Talons Squeeze The Playoffs Away

Kiss - AJ Cruz 9 Kickoff Returns for 249 yards. Photo by Jevone Moore / News4usonline.com
LA KISS return man AJ Cruz had nine kickoff returns for 249 yards. Photo by Jevone Moore / News4usonline.com

ANAHEIM, CA-The LA KISS had a little bit of playoff life left before the San Antonio Talons squeezed the air from them in a 72-65 loss. After spotting the Talons 28 points in first half, the KISS needed some magic to pull off a win. But there was not enough magic with the game tied in the fourth quater, 65-65, with :24 seconds left. The Talons then dialed up a 34-yard touchdown pass reception to P.J. Berry, leaving only six seconds left in the game.

The faithful fans who stuck in there with their team got their money worth with a scoring binge. The KISS came out with a roar,  wining the second, third and fourth quarters per points.  Just think if they could made it to overtime. What if KISS return man AJ Cruz took a kickoff back for a touchdown that was not called back with a phantom holding call. The 37 points scored in second half was all attitude and grit. In the end, however, the Talons’ grip was too strong to allow for the KISS to break their season story line of just not enough.

Talons jumped on Donovan Morgan (1) fast, 4 Touchdowns with 178 yards receiving. Photo by Jevone Moore /News4usonline.com
The Talons jumped on Donovan Morgan (1) fast. Morgan had four touchdowns with 178 yards receiving. Photo by Jevone Moore /News4usonline.com

Wide receiver Donovan Morgan left it all on the field leading all receivers with four touchdowns on 10 catches for 178 yards. Quarterback JJ Raterink knew when he need a first down or touchdown who to look for. The other receivers held their own with great grabs late, but one other stood out: big Andres Vargas (6’4 315lbs) had an 18-yard catch and scamper for a score.

Special teams always have a place in games, good and bad to lead up to giving a team an edge. Cruz had 9 returns for 249 yards for 28 yard average. This average places the offense past the midfield each time he touches the ball. The total yards was double the return yards of the Talons. Cruz recently had a two week layoff due to the numbers game, Cruz said “Made me more hungry”

Kiss Defender holds on to QB Matthew Bassuener who threw for 6 Touchdown & Sacked 5 times. Photo By Jevone Moore /News4usonline.com
A KISS defender holds on to QB Matthew Bassuener who threw for six touchdowns and was sacked 5 times. Photo By Jevone Moore /News4usonline.com

KISS head coach Bob McMillen, knows for sure that his men won’t give up. The team has been through a long season and has grown together as a “team.” Most teams would have mailed it in after being down four scores in the first quarter, but listening to Bob’s rally cry, “We got time! We got time!”  and going down to the wire showed that McMillen had command of his team.

The LA KISS are officially eliminated from playoff contention with the defeat.  But they still have their last game to play next week. This last game will be for pride and to finish strong. The KISS travel t o Jacksonville to play the Jacksonville Sharks. The owners have already committed to next season, so be ready for an improved team taking the field next year.

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