‘Ground Zero’ for Michael Brown Film

De'Angelo interviewing
Budding filmmaker De’Angelo Thomas sits down with a Ferguson resident as part of his “Ground Zero” documentary project on the shooting death of Michael Brown. Courtesy photo

Less than three months ago, the world was taken by storm after the fatal shooting of Mike Brown. The city of Ferguson has been Hell on Earth as protesters wait for the conviction of police officer Darren Wilson, who shot and killed the unarmed, 18-year-old black man.

As for those who do not live in Missouri and can only depend on what the media tells us, what about taking a step into real and raw footage of someone who has experienced it first hand?

University of Central Missouri graduate student, De’Angelo Thomas came up with the idea to do just that. He is in the midst of creating a documentary film called, Ground Zero.

“The idea came from multiple places, but my main concerned was mainly targeted by the actions that were taken by the police officer. Being a black man in today’s modern society is not far removed from the civil rights movement. We are still being placed in abnormal situations that are causing the lives of many black men to be taken by the police” said Thomas.

“Mike Brown was only eighteen when he was killed. Consciously thinking about what happen caused me to be upset and angry. Although many may not understand why I am upset, I am twenty three-years-old, that could have been me or anyone I know. Mike’s death is the inspiration behind this film, but I also feel I’m obligated to join the fight for equality, justice, and liberation for all.”

The name, Ground Zero developed from the 9/11 incident. The topic of 9/11 sparked national news and was considered one of the most traumatic experiences that America has ever faced throughout history. The name Ground Zero came from a national shut down of all airlines that may have been hijacked by terrorist. Thomas chose the name Ground Zero because he believes America likes to remember all the traumatic experiences we face as a nation, but ignores the same incidents that take place within the Black communities.

With great solemn, Thomas said, “A child was murdered by a police officer after surrendering as a sign of giving up. That statement alone sounds traumatic and horrifying.  I believe without identifying Mike’s ethnicity, makes you question the officer’s intent.

“After Mike was identified as a black male who resisted arrest and was shot eight times, he was looked at like an animal. I don’t think anyone of color would resist arrest simply because of the powers that rest within a system that remains divided and founded upon racial discrimination.”

Thomas has been filming Ground Zero since the death of Mike Brown and other victims that have lost their life due to police brutality. He believes the story needs to be told and that it is a story worth hearing.

“What I expect my viewers to gain from this film is to take the liberty to educate themselves about whom they are and where their ancestors originate from. Without education our history will continue to be written off from American history and things such as Mike Brown will continue to happen,” said Thomas.

A release date has yet been set for his film.

The film will be uploaded on YouTube at 4beatsproduction and he can be contacted at 4beatsproduction@gmail.com


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