Fame and Fortune grips ‘New Money’

Kuba Ka and actress Christina Fulton
Kuba Ka and actress Christina Fulton

LOS ANGELES-The thought of having endless funds and spending it how you want, is practically mind-blowing.

Thanks to E! Entertainment, viewers can now get a taste of that reality with the series, “New Money”.  The show depicts the story of recent millionaires, living the luxe life and spending their newfound fortunes.

The first episode aired Friday, June 12 and to celebrate it, there was a VIP Viewing party for one of the millionaires from the show, KUBA Ka. KUBA Ka is an International singing sensation who’s newly released song has been chosen as the licensed soundtrack single for E! Entertainment’s series, “New Money.” To celebrate KUBA Ka’s primetime “Rockumentary”, the VIP party was held at the hip entertainment venue, Philippe Chow. The night consisted of a red carpet, celebrities, music, light bites, drinks, and a screening of the show.

KUBA Ka started his career as an entertainer at the age of five. Although from Poland, he was discovered in the United States by Michael Jackson’s manager, Frank Dileo. Today, KUBA Ka has a lot of projects in the works and “New Money” is the icing on the cake.

KUBA2“I am about to release my first iHeart Radio single for the summer, which is something I am very happy about. I have a tour coming up along with many things like that. So, with this E! channel show, it opens up a new chapter,” said KUBA Ka.

KUBA Ka had three words to call the show.

“This show is racy, uplifting and sexy. It is a rockumentary and they (E! Entertainment) wanted to do something different from a typical documentary. Many things that take place on this show are pretty crazy, nothing was staged. They followed my life as is so; it will bring out the truth about me. Many times, you work with TV and they want you to be something else. Either this show will be great or it is the end of my career before it started.”

Actress Christina Fulton shared her love for her dear friend, KUBA Ka.

“He was born to be in this business. KUBA is outlandish and awesome. He is the Lady Gaga of men.  He’s misunderstood, maybe. He has been led down different paths that he should have been, to be connected to what he really loves and what he really wants to do,” said Fulton. “He listens to his heart. I am just so happy for him, his family works very hard. Good for you, KUBA!”

On the first episode of “New Money”, the Polish singer and self-proclaimed “God of Pop” spares no expense in “performing his own fantasy.” He wore exclusive VERSACE throughout the entire show and during his performance; he flew through the air while wearing an expensive flammable chest plate. KUBA Ka statistically showed how with money, the 99% can become the 1%, and go 100% crazy.

Once the show was over, friends gathered around KUBA Ka with a custom cake and sung, “Happy New Money to You”, congratulating him on his first of many episodes to come.

To find out more about KUBA Ka, go to www.kuba-ka.com. To see how the wealthy flaunts it all on brand-new episodes of “New Money”, be sure to tune in Fridays at 10:30|9:30c on E!

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