‘In the Cut’ Adds Flavor to Bounce TV

Director Bentley Kyle Evans has done it again! From his hit shows of “Love That Girl,” “The Jamie Foxx Show,” and “Family Time,” Evans is in the process of directing yet another sitcom called, “In the Cut.” Season 1 of “In the Cut” will premiere on Bounce TV on Tuesday, August 25.

“In The Cut” centers on Jay Weaver (Dorien Wilson) who owns several strip mall businesses in San Diego, spending most of his time working in his barbershop, Jay’s Chop Shop. Jay also co-owns a beauty salon a few doors away, Nadine’s Shop. The shop was named for his ex-wife (Jackee Harry) who still runs it.

One day a young man named Kenny Clark (Ken Lawson) shows up out of nowhere claiming to be Jay’s 31-year-old illegitimate son from a short-lived fling. Kenny sticks around and begins to take on a role in the family business as he and Jay start to bond.  Jay’s long-time sidekick Clevon “Smitty” Smith (John Marshall Jones) also works at the barber shop and adds to the comedy and occasional drama that comes into their lives.

Ken Lawson and Dorien Wilson practicing their lines for Bounce TV's "In the Cut."
Ken Lawson and Dorien Wilson practicing their lines for Bounce TV’s “In the Cut.”

News4usonline.com reporter Thai Lee had the opportunity to visit the set for episode one and got the inside scoop regarding the show and the relationships on and off the set.  Episode one feature characters Jay and Smitty. The two get into it when Jay wins a lot of money betting on Smitty’s horse but refuses to share the winnings. Meanwhile, Kenny’s ex-wife comes back into the picture, causing problems for him and his new girlfriend, Angelique (Chastity Dotson).

Although a couple of the character’s relationships on the show are short-lived. One thing that is not is the love the actors have for their director, Bentley Kyle Evans.

“Bentley is incredible,” said Ken Lawson. “The man does so much. He is very creative and a great leader. He definitely knows how to talk to the actors and he’s on our level. He knows what he wants and knows how to communicate with us. He is just a great director and a great person.”

Lawson’s girlfriend on the show, Angelique played by Chastity Dotson also had great things to say about their director.

“Bentley is so warm, welcoming, creative and collaborative. Not only is it a joy to work with him, but it makes everyone’s job, including myself, so much easier. You really do feel a spirit of freedom, a spirit of real play,” said Dotson. She continued in saying, “He is an amazing director. Not only does he create a picture on the screen but, he really creates a great atmosphere off the screen as well.”

The style of Evans’ work differs from many other directors because; he compares his life to his art.

Evans shared in a one on one interview what helped developed his concept and cast for his new sitcom, and called it an “original type of show.”

Be sure to tune into the family show, “In the Cut” premiering August 25. For more information regarding the show or the Bounce TV network, got: www.bouncetv.com/shows/in-the-cut or on social media @bouncetv.

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