Ben Carson: The GOP’s anti-Trump answer

ANAHEIM, CA-The Republican Party is a mess. Judging from the second national debate the Republican Party threw for themselves at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California (of all places), the mess has gotten a bit messier.

The only thing that came across as presidential from the 11 candidates participating in the debate was the backdrop photo of Air Force One. Despite the sometimes almost laughable way Republicans have come across the political spectrum as of late, Dr. Ben Carson, pinstripe suit and all, is doing his best to try to clean up the mess that has become his party. That’s going to take a lot of work.

The Republican Party and its cast of clowns have been a running joke in this country for quite some time. It’s too bad nobody have bothered to tell Republicans what the punch line is. Maybe Carson, who didn’t look strong at all in the national spotlight, can deliver it for them.

Up until the second debate, Carson had surged second to Donald Trump in the running for the Republican Party nomination. And the quest to win the White House bid has become a flavor of the month contest among Republican contenders. Trump is loud, confrontational and obnoxious. Carson is laid back and more methodical in delivering his message.

The doctor going head-to-head with the astute businessman. Carson and Trump are two men with starkly different backgrounds. Their views on economics, social issues, immigration and even faith reflect their belief systems. Carson’s personal touch of directly impacting lives as professional doctor gives him a unique way of looking at life.

“There are those who think that a long pedigree of political experience or a long pedigree of business experience is the most wonderful thing in the world. But I personally think that saving lives is the most wonderful thing in the world,” Carson said in a speech at the Anaheim Convention  Center in Anaheim, California.

Dr. Ben Carson has seen his poll numbers go up since his appearance in Anaheim, California. Photo by Dennis J. Freeman/
Dr. Ben Carson has seen his poll numbers go up since his appearance in Anaheim, California. Photo by Dennis J. Freeman/

That has proved to be beneficial to Carson’s presidential ambitions. However, that momentum, which carried Carson to within a couple points of the more flamboyant and outrageous Trump, may or may not cool off once reaction to his performance comes into play.

But so far, the world-renowned neurosurgeon has been getting a lot of attention and has gained a national following to suggest he just might be the best bet for Republications to re-claim the Oval Office.

Everybody else in the Republican field seems to be wasting everyone’s time and money with their desperate and soon-to-be aborted presidential bid. Quite frankly, the Republican Party’s nominee will come down to Carson or Trump, no matter what happens in these presidential debates. Carly Fiorina may be the darkhorse in this stumbling and bumbling field.

Outside of that, Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio have turned the party’s presidential race into the modern day version of the Three Stooges meeting up with the Marx Brothers comedy hour. The GOP today does not resemble the law and order the Republican Party resembled when Ronald Reagan ran the White House.

It has become a circus with no ringmaster to reel in all the clowns that have taken center stage. Carson might be able to change all of that with his folksy “I come as I am” approach in connecting with people. For a man who has made it his life mission to bring healing to families through the miraculous work of his “gifted hands” as one of the best doctors in the world, it seems strange that a medical expert like Carson would be interested in tackling the nasty world of politics.

The again, many people thought it was unusual for a young buck junior senator from Illinois would make a run for the White House. That kind of talk didn’t stop Barack Obama from becoming the 44th President of the United States. And it won’t stop Carson from making a run at the coveted “most powerful man of the free world” title.

Thousands of people came out to the Anaheim Convention Center to hear Dr. Ben Carson speak politics. Photo by Dennis J. Freeman/
Thousands of people came out to the Anaheim Convention Center to hear Dr. Ben Carson speak politics. Photo by Dennis J. Freeman/

“If I’d listen to all the people throughout my life who said this has never been done before, this cannot be done, I wouldn’t be talking to you today,” Carson told his enthusiastic audience in Anaheim. “But then there are those who say that you don’t have elected political experience. Well, if you look at the collective political experience of everyone in Congress, it comes out to be about 87 hundred years. Where has it gotten us?”

So it is with that audacity that Carson has taken his political game on the road to mingle with Americans across the country to see how he can help bring healing to the nation in a different form than he has been used to. Making a rally pitstop in front of thousands of followers in Anaheim, California, one week before the California Republican Party convened and the second Republican presidential debate, Carson’s appearance may have helped him gained more people to align themselves with his campaign philosophy.

“My entire professional career was spent trying to bring healing to children, to give them longevity and quality of life,” Carson said. “Of all things that I have done, the thing that resonates most closely to my heart is when that family comes in, and their three-year-old, who is the most precious thing in their life, has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. And through the grace of God, you have the ability to remove that tumor and to give that family back hope once again.”

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