Tomlin may have lost season with QB switch

Down goes Ben! Down goes Ben! There goes your Savior, Pittsburgh Steelers fans. And there goes the season for the Black and Yellow. If the Steelers wind up on the brink of another unproductive season, put the blame on coach Mike Tomlin. This has nothing to do with Mike Vick being “ineffective” for the games he played in for the Steelers this season. Vick simply wasn’t given a chance to succeed.

In fact, Vick brought the Steelers to a comeback win against the San Diego Chargers, and nearly delivered another win against the Baltimore Ravens, except for a dropped touchdown pass by crybaby wide receiver Antonio Brown and two missed potential winning field goals. When they signed him to the season-long contract, Vick looked like the perfect choice to back up Ben Roethlisberger.

He’s a veteran. He’s a playmaker. He has the ability to win games. He’s a baller. He’s still Mike Vick. But now he’ll be backing up Landry Jones, of all people. How disrespectful. Yeah, Jones has come in relief to pitch the Steelers to a couple of wins against Arizona and the Oakland Raiders. But don’t be like Tomlin and offensive Todd Haley, and get fooled.

When Jones came in relief of Vick against the Cardinals, and threw two touchdown passes to help the Steelers win that game, there was almost a call to give the former Oklahoma quarterback a parade, led by chief cheerleader Stephen A. Smith from ESPN’s First Take. However, three turnovers and a 13-point production later in his first career start against the Kansas City Chiefs, Jones reminded us why was sitting on the pine for three years as a third-string quarterback.

Now we may get a couple of more inept moments from Jones. I expect it. That’s the unfortunate part. With Roethlisberger going down to a second injury this season on Sunday in the Steelers’ 38-35 win against the Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh and Tomlin now find their season hinging on the play of Jones.

Good luck with that one, Tomlin.

Tomlin and the Steelers made their bed with the very limited Jones. The shuffling and dancing Brown, along with bumbling and stumbling defensive end James Harrison, Tomlin and the rest of the Steelers will have to lie down with the one-hit wonder Jones for the rest of the season. It didn’t have to be. Don’t except too much sympathy along the way to another wretched possibility of missing the playoffs for the third time in the last four seasons.

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mike Vick. Photo by Dennis J. Freeman/

Are you going to blame that on Vick, too?

The problem with the Steelers is that they flipped the switch on Vick, including his teammates. They decided at the expense of a very capable, seasoned quarterback in Vick, moving up Jones to backing up Roethlisberger for the season was some sort of grand idea. If Jones was all of that, the Steelers would not have needed to sign Vick in the first place. Please don’t tell me that all of a sudden Vick forgot how to play the quarterback position, and that Jones has suddenly become everything the Steelers have envisioned him to be.

 Jones is not that good. He is an average quarterback. And that’s wishing on a star. My issue with Tomlin and the Steelers is that they went into reverse after Vick started a couple of games. They had no intentions of keeping him as the face of the team as the starting quarterback with Roethlisberger out, not as long as you have the whining and boot-licking Brown and the ignorant and back-biting Harrison falling on the sword for Jones.

The Steelers was looking to make a public relations move by signing Vick, so that they can always say they gave the man a chance when no other team would. When Vick came to the Steelers, you couldn’t find a football pundit who wouldn’t call Vick a turnover machine. But in the three games that Vick has not taken the field, the Steelers other two signal-callers in Roethlisberger and Jones, have turned the ball over seven times. Roethlisberger has four interceptions in his two games back.

And everyone is quiet about it.          

Coming in from the cold to play at the No. 2 spot behind Roethlisberger, Vick did not have the luxury of a training camp or OTAs to help him get acclimated to the Steelers’ offensive system.  Tomlin and Haley screwed this one up. Instead of riding with Vick the whole way, Tomlin and the Steelers chose to go yellow and turned on Vick.

If Jones was as good as the media has portrayed him to be, wouldn’t the Steelers have known it long before now? Vick is capable of taking this team to the postseason. He has the experience. He has the NFL pedigree to do so. The only thing Jones is capable of leading is taking his suck up hound Brown to the water in the number of passes thrown his way.

So what happens if Jones goes down to an injury before Roethlisberger comes back, if he does come back? The Steelers will have to call on Vick again to bail them out. That would be something to see. But for all intent and purposes, this season is already a lost cause for the Steelers.

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