SpeedMaker takes training to the next level

The SpeedMaker is one of a kind. One of the things that I like about the design of the SpeedMaker is that it looks and feels like something a professional athlete should wear and use when in training at all times.
The first time I tried on the SpeedMaker, as an aspiring track and field sprinter, I felt like I could take on the fastest guys in the world.  I just felt like I had a complete boost of confidence. When I took off the very light athletic harness, I still felt like I still had it on.
I had so much more energy after using it that I felt I could go beyond my regular training schedule. I was pumped. After I tried on the SpeedMaker initially at the 2016 USATF San Diego/Imperial County Last Chance Qualifiers Track and Field Meet at San Diego Mesa College recently, I wanted to pick one up for myself .
Unsuspectingly, I have received one as a gift right after the USA Track and Field Olympic Trials-qualifying meet had wrapped up. Man, that feeling of confidence that I had-came right back. The surge of having a realistic chance of improving and becoming a better runner, immediately came over me like rain dripping over a barrel.
Aspiring sprinter Brandon Craig working out with his SpeedMaker. Courtesy photo
Aspiring sprinter Brandon Craig working out with his SpeedMaker. Courtesy photo

Later that night, I strategically planned how I was going to use my SpeedMaker in my every day training. I’ve used it twice in my practice schedule already and noticed some differences in my start and my knee lift. One of the first things I did was use the SpeedMaker when I did my block starts.

I felt amazing results with the resistance pull and the way it makes me work harder to achieve that knee lift that I so desperately need. I felt my start coming together and I felt my drive phase coming along as well.  I feel if I start to use a higher resistance band from the SpeedMaker, I could get the times I want when competing in a race.
I’ve been looking for a way to fix  my start for quite some time. This is where the SpeedMaker has been the biggest difference in my training. The SpeedMaker has helped me to come out of the blocks more quickly and effectively. There are some kinks still to be worked out in using this product, but so far, so good.
The changes so far in using the SpeedMaker has been minor, but the results are definitely noticeable.
For warm-ups, I use it. I use it to do my drills as well.  I feel that the SpeedMaker warms up my muscles up faster than I would without it. After I warm up, I use the SpeedMaker in my workouts, depending on how close my next track meet is.
I’ll do short and fast-paced repetitions with it on, and sometimes without it. I feel like my muscles are getting used to the starting resistant band of the SpeedMaker, so I’ll add more resistant pressure later on in the year as I progress.
So far, the SpeedMaker is a good product. The only thing that I feel could be improved about the product is when your are done using it, you have to completely take off the bottom half of the SpeedMaker to relax or it will fall off.
To fix this little problem, I just take the bottom straps off and continue to workout. As I said before, the SpeedMaker is an awesome product. It makes you feel like you are a world-class athlete when wearing one. It doesn’t disappoint. I also like the fact that you can use the SpeedMaker regardless of age and sport. I would certainly recommend this product to anyone.

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