Bringing the food to LA

LOS ANGELES-Yes, it’s going down at the LA Food Fest. There’s going to be food and more food. And not just any kind of food. How about some of the best that Los Angeles has to offer. That’s what’s going down this weekend with the LA Food Fest.

If you think you’ve tasted good food before, then you might want to take a trip down to Exposition Park in Los Angeles to grab some beer, wine and a healthy dose of munchies.

Shawna Dawson Beer, founder of the LA Food Fest, can tell you exactly what’s going to happen during LA’s official food and wine-tasting event. Belly-stuffing eateries being swallowed with some great wine behind it. Her goal when she thought about the project was to bring the city something that was lacking: a real food festival.

“Years and years ago, when this idea manifested, it was born out of what was happening with the food trucks. At the time, everyone was talking about food trucks, but no was talking about the old-school food trucks that I grew up on,” Dawson Beer said. “Having been born and raised here, I grew up going to taco trucks. So I thought, ‘Wow, why aren’t no one talking about those guys, and we’re all talking about the new guys? They have some of the best food in the city. That is where that idea was born. Here, we celebrate all factets of food culture. Quickly after the first year, it expanded to restaurants, chefs, bands

As of last week, there were 114 vendors on the sheet scheduled to bring their top foods to the event. Some of the food people can expect will be baked sweets (Donutville), healthy ice cream (Ice Cream Social), a new way to yogurt, and of course, the Beverage Barn.

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