Steven Tyler ramps up ‘Sweet Emotion’

“Sweet Emotion” was felt by all of the fans in attendance at the Dolby Theatre when Steven Tyler, frontman for Aerosmith, took the stage with his band Loving Mary on his solo “Out on a Limb” concert tour and kicked things off with that great hit.

It was a perfect tune to get people in the mood for his show.

He was amped-up and in rare form as he made a connection to the audience with his classic “Janis Joplin-esque” dance spins.  Joplin is one of his greatest influences and he spoke about her at the concert and covered her song “Piece of My Heart.”

Tyler also gave anecdotes of his life and career of over 40 years and spoke about the background to some of the songs.  He spoke about how he met Aerosmith lead guitarist, backing and occasional lead vocalist, and contributing songwriter Joe Perry.

One of the purposes of this tour is to promote his new record “We’re All Somebody From Somewhere” which will be released on July 15. Loving Mary, a six-piece band out of Nashville, was perfectly cast as Tyler’s backing band.  They had great stage presence and chemistry and harmonized well.

One of the bright spots of the night was when he covered two Beatles songs, “I’m Down” and “Come Together.”  One could tell that Tyler is passionate about the Beatles.

Another bright spot was when he sat down at the piano to sing “Dream On.”  It was a transcendent moment.  And so was the final song before the encore, “Walk This Way,” which brought the house to their feet.

The 68-year-old Tyler gave the audience a preview of his new album by singing some of those songs.  “Love Is Your Name,” “Red, White & You,” and even played a ukulele on “I Make My Own Sunshine.”

And then the concert ended with an appropriate song, “Livin’ On The Edge.”  It’s the way that Tyler has lived his life. There have been rumors about an Aerosmith farewell tour in 2017, but hopefully that remains just a rumor.

Editor’s note: Photo of Steven Tyler by Dana Distortion

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