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WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA-Early October, I decided to cover an event that I’ve always wanted to do, but never had the time or the expertise in the field to do it. Attending Style Fashion Week Los Angeles was an eye-opener for me.

The world of fashion is a whole different world than the normal routine of football, basketball or baseball games that I have attended and covered for the past 17 years as a professional journalist. There were no passes thrown.

No touchdown celebration would hold water here. There were no double-plays to be made. A tomahawk dunk was nowhere to be seen. A goaltending call at the rim wouldn’t fly in this environment.

Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy on Day 3 of Style Fashion Week Los Angeles at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California. Photo by Dennis J. Freeman/
Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy on Day 3 of Style Fashion Week Los Angeles at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, California. Photo by Dennis J. Freeman/

Instead of a pass over the middle, etiquette and decorum are the rulers of this forum. Elegance and sophistication become best friends with the runway. Silence is absolute as the parade of design outfits make their way in front of an audience tuned into the now of the fashion world.

Fashion is not just a different planet from my world of sports. It is a different galaxy altogether. Getting my first real go round into the galactic atmosphere called style and fashion, I became a little edgy and somewhat incredulous as to why I was there in the first place the closer the show opening approached.

Outside of a brother who dabbled in fashion and attending one or two smaller scale fashion shows, I have no particular working knowledge about the industry, except maybe watching Diana Ross making everything around her look fabulous in “Mahogany.”

But here I was on the skirts of the runway, readying myself for the onslaught of models strutting their heels as they draped themselves with designer’s clothing, doing their real-time emulation of the iconic Ross. Showtime, baby.

As I twiddled around with my camera, trying to hone in on getting the right lighting for the darkened outskirts of the Pacific Design Center, I didn’t know what to expect. The creative onslaught of models wearing designs of Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy went into the shock and awe direction with its bodacious statement of hot summer wear.

Style Fashion Week Los Angeles. Photo by Dennis J. Freeman/
Style Fashion Week Los Angeles. Photo by Dennis J. Freeman/

Models walking around with open six-packs and near-perfectly sculpted bodies gave Day 3 of Style Fashion Week Los Angeles a jolt. Well, at least it gave me one. I had come in to this fashion show with one visual. Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy gave me one in stark contrast to the picture that I visualized.

Richard Hallmarq then came in and rescued me back to fashion reality with his wardrobe line of simple evening wear. But then again, I don’t know anything about the dos and don’ts of the fashion rulebook, so who am I to judge on what is reality and what is not when it comes to fashion?

All I know is what looks good to me. The line brought out by designer Patricia Michaels, in my non-fashion opinion, fit in perfectly with that description. Michaels’ PM Waterlily collection is a breathtaking array of beauty and class.

If I had an inkling of what to look forward to in seeing a fashion show live, Michaels hammered that thought home with the flawless wonder that is PM Waterlily. That’s not to say that Naven (Kym and Alexis McClay) and IONICA by Ionica Moldovianu didn’t have their moments to shine under the lights of the runway.

Naven brought out the cute and flirtatious stuff, while IONICA kept things stylish and classy. Taking in all of this at the fashion show was sort of weird because of the gawking people were doing about the shoes the models wore. I never really paid much attention to shoes in detail, unless I’m looking at my wife’s pumps.

The details are certainly in what you put on your feet to match the outfit you’re wearing. I guess that would be my fashion tip of the day. Time for some football.

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