Absinthe’s comedy venture is for gown ups

It was Cirque du Soleil meets burlesque meets risqué comedy show when Absinthe arrived from Las Vegas and opened up downtown under the tent at LA Live.

Produced by Spiegelworld and now playing for six years at Caesars Palace in Vegas, they decided to take the show on the road. The 90-minute show is inspired by the absinthe-drenched cabarets of late 19th century Europe. In Vegas, Absinthe has been playing to sold-out audiences and 1 million people have already seen it.

Photo Credit: Absinthe

Dirty-joke telling Gazillionaire is the host with his sidekick Daisy.  If you can get past his raunchiness and her being loud and annoying, you will love the show for its acrobatic talent, which is the main reason why people attend.

One of the bright spots of the theatrical extravaganza is the roller skating stunt that was performed on the small nine-feet-in-diameter circular stage by two sexy performers, a man and woman.  It is an adult-themed act, as well as all the others.  The way they engaged each other while spinning was remarkable.

Photo Credit: Absinthe

The tent decorations is also a highlight.  Very creative, seductive, eclectic and intimate space.  The audience members get up close and personal to the stage.

There are sexy performers in most of the other acts who are good at their craft.  The acts require strength, balance, and are dangerous, just like Cirque.

The show is for ages 18 and above and features some nudity and strong language and has been extended to May 28.

Each audience member also gets one complimentary alcoholic beverage and hot dogs and french fries.  The no-host bar is open all night.

For more information, go to:   Absinthela.com

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