Chargers, NFL Play 60 team up for fun

INGLEWOOD, CA-There’s a lot more to the NFL Play 60 Character Camp than just a fun day at the park. Hall of Fame offensive tackle Anthony Munoz believes these daylong football and fitness camps help build character, teaches teamwork and develops the core value of learning how to be a solid citizen.

It’s the kind of foundation that helped steer Munoz in the right direction when he was growing up. The former Cincinnati Bengals star said that the camps he sponsors across the country are like the ones that helped him become a better a person. The tool that put him on the right pathway will serve today’s youths, Munoz said.

Los Angeles Chargers offensive linemen Max Tuerk (left) and Dan Feeney, flank NFL Hall of Fame player Anthony Munoz during a recent NFL Play 60 Character Camp in Inglewood, California. Photo by Dennis J. Freeman/News4usonline

Partnering with the Los Angeles Chargers, Munoz and a handful of local youth football coaches played host to several hundred youths attending the NFL Play 60 Character Camp held at Edward Vincent Jr. Park in Inglewood recently.

“To use the game of football is a pretty good hook,” Munoz said. “It was a motivation for me. I’ve been doing these types of camps with my foundation in Cincinnati for 16 years. We do overnight camps like this. We take like 150 young men for four days and just pour into them…football, character, team-building. It’s one of those things I’m motivated by the people who have poured into my life. Growing up in Ontario, down the road from here and going to USC, I had a lot of people who poured into my life. My mom raised five by herself. We didn’t have a whole lot of things growing up, but I had coaches and teaches that stepped in…relatives and uncles who stepped and became mentors.”

Trying to get into the swing of things are youngsters attending the NFL Play 60 Character Camp in Inglewood, California. Photo by Dennis J. Freeman/News4usonline

Munoz, Los Angeles Chargers offensive linemen Max Tuerk and Dan Feeny and the local coaches put smiles on those couple hundred faces that bounced around with spirited energy and plenty of welcomed enthusiasm that lit up when they played catch football and took part in an array of fitness activities that kept them occupied for a couple of hours.

“It’s been awesome, being around these kids and teaching them as much as I can about character and getting out in the community as much as I can,” Tuerk said. “It’s also about teaching these kids about exercise, playing 60 minutes a day, eating right.”

The NFL Play 60 Character Camp focused on integrity and character besides fitness and healthy eating habits. Photo by Dennis J. Freeman/News4usonline

Feeney, a rookie with the Chargers, sounded like he had more fun than the youngsters he was working with.  

“It’s been a blast,” Feeney said. “Just seeing these kids get aftter it and have some fun…Max and I are just to teach them the basics of football, some of the offensive stuff, character and discipline and integrity and all that stuff. I’ve had a great time. I know Max did. It’s been a blessing coming out here with Anthony Munoz, one the greatest offensive lineman ever to play. It’s been a great day.”

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