Marvel Universe Live! showcases Black Panther

Christian Womack typically don’t do theatrical tryouts. As a Hollywood stuntman, auditions usually come and find him.  But for the opportunity to be part of Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes, Womack actually had to go through the process to see if he, as well as others, could be the right fit.

The right fit would be for the role of Black Panther, Marvel’s latest superhero with film buzz and comic readership hype attached to the character.

“I normally don’t do auditions,” Womack said in a phone interview.

It turned out that the casting people thought enough of Womack to give him the shot of playing Black Panther and other characters in the live show.

“I believe I had the right tools,” said Womack.

Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes makes a Southern California run, from July 7 through July 23. The first stop on the tour is at Staples Center this Friday, July 7. Womack will be geared up in black as he makes his stage debut. When he was told he landed the role, the young actor said he was stoked with excitement and somewhat taken aback that he was chosen.

Christian Womack has a role of a lifetime in playing Black Panther in Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes. Photo credit: Marvel

“I was very surprised,” said Womack. “It was very, very exciting. I just felt pure excitement. It’s a great, great opportunity.”

His background as a stuntman should serve Womack well as the Black Panther, who is supremely athletic and possess otherworldly combat skills. This plays a large part in the magnetic draw to the Marvel superhero. So does the fact that he is just about as wealthy as Iron Man’s Tony Stark, Womack said.

“Black Panther is a master of several different martial arts as well as being a billionaire,” Womack said.

With his cameo role in Captain America: Civil War, and now the centerpiece in Marvel’s Black Panther movie, which is slated to roll out in February, the marketing bonanza of this Marvel character is in full hype blitz. Womack said he is eager to see the film and considers himself fortunate to come along at the right time to play this role.

Before taking on the role as Black Panther in Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heores, Christian Womack made his living as a stuntman. Courtesy photo

“I believe it is an amazing opportunity,” cites Womack. “Playing him is definitely a gift. This is pretty much a dream come true for me.”

One of the fascinating aspects of superhero fixation today is the backdrop of great storytelling weaved from comic book origins. This is one of the things that people are looking for when they come looking to be entertained.

Womack said that the age of the superhero-whether its being set up in a live theatrical production such as Marvel Universe Live! Age of Heroes or in films-gives customers that storytelling benefit.

“I believe that we’re looking for stories, stories that we can relate to and apply it to our lives,” Womack said.

What Womack is looking for is to inspire other people. It doesn’t matter if its through doing harrowing stunts or being the face of a larger-than life character like Black Panther that both children and adults gravitate to. His objective is to people a reason to aspire and uplift.

“I believe my life’s purpose is to inspire people,” Womack said.

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