Fundamental Friday: Success defined by discipline

Thank God, it’s Fundamental Friday. This weekly article will venture into the fundamental elements of a variety of aspects of our lives and present the question to us all, “Are we fundamental sound?” The word “fundamental” is both an adjective and a noun. For these articles, we will consider the following definitions: Adjective: forming a necessary base or core; of central importance. Noun: A central or primary rule or principle on which something is based.

Fred Kerley of Texas A&M celebrates winning the men’s 400 meters at the USATF Outdoor National Championships at Hornet Stadium in Sacramento, California. Photo by Dennis J. Freeman/News4usonline

One of the keys to success lies in the fundamental soundness that does or does not exist. This is true for business, church, sports and every aspect of our lives. It is a necessary base of central importance as well as a central, primary rule and principle in which our base can be established.

In society today, many of the fundamental principle that allowed our fathers and fore father to persevere through life required commitment, discipline and hard work. These terms have been replaced by a microwave society that desires the results the see in great individuals, teams and families without putting in the work (labor).

I am a man of God. I am a mentor. I am a coach. I am educated. Because I am these things, our goals with Fundamental Friday is to engage, educate, encourage embody and empower (e5) individuals to correlate the fundamental elements of our faith, teaching, and business to create an immoveable foundation that will weather any of life’s storms and usher us into a new day of victory.

Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin is a successful professional athlete at the NBA level because of two components: discipline and understanding the fundamental aspects of his sport. Photo by Astrud Reed for News4usonline

In faith, the fundamental element is “love.” If we begin each thought, each word and each action with love, our attitudes will reflect a kindness that will conquer any hate. Our language will suppress the foul language that surrounds us daily. And more importantly, our actions will removed the hurt and pain that others have caused and that other are dealing with.

The fundamental key is LOVE.

In academia, the fundamental element is rooted in understanding how we arrived to conclusion. From spelling five syllable words to solving complex mathematical equations, there is a fundamental element that allows the simplification of a long word or any complex mathematical equations. Learning how words are put together and how the groupings of some letters create certain sounds, allows us to create a foundation that provides understanding on not only spelling words, but using them in the proper context.

Georgia running back Sony Michel (1) dazzled his way to 181 yards rushing and three touchdowns against Oklahoma in the Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual on Monday, Jan. 1, 2018. Photo by Dennis J. Freeman for News4usonline

Mathematics is a building block process that literally forces us to understand addition before we can begin to tackle multiplication. Considering multiplication is simple addition done repetitively.

Then there is sports. It’s the stance, the width of the legs being spread apart, the back being straight, and being on the balls of your feet. This is important fundamental aspect for baseball, basketball, football, track, etc. Successful athletes tend to be fundamental sound the aspects of various athletic sports which brings strength to each individual sports.

To be fundamental sound in our faith, intellect and health, we must be committed. Commitment is when you don’t feel like doing the work, but you do it anyway. Commitment is when you have an excuse to not do what you are supposed to do, but you do it any way. Commitment says stand up and be firm when everyone else has sat down and given up. We must be committed. Another word for commitment is dedication.

Two-time Olympian Tasha Danvers (far right) poses for a photo with students from 49th Street Elementary School in South Los Angeles. Danvers works with the school to help promote a healthy lifestyle for students, including teaching them about eating better and exercising through the Ready, Set, Gold! program. Photo by Dennis J. Freeman for News4usonline

Then there is discipline. Obeying the rules even when it’s not comfortable. Although discipline can imply a punishment for not obeying. In this article, the punishment is in not being successful. To reach a goal or accomplish a task, discipline is mandatory. As a youth, our parents provided a discipline to help us walk a righteous path. As adults, we have to be our own disciplinarians. We must understand that lack of discipline leads to lack of success.

Lastly, there is the work. We have to put in work. In most cases we have to put in more work than others. If we focus on ourselves, our job and the work we have to put it, we will not be distracted by those not working because we will be busy putting in work. The work is the spreading of the fundamental components that allows the foundation to become stronger and stronger.

Today’s question is “Are you fundamental Sound?” In the areas of your faith, your intellect (academically), in your health (athletics). Next week we will begin to connect how each of this areas are intertwine with each other. We need to be fundamentally sound in all three areas to reach our fullest potential.

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