Arise Africa Receives $1 Million Donation From Kershaw’s Challenge

FORT WORTH, Texas – Arise Africa is partnering with Kershaw’s Challenge to build a million dollar school throughout the next few years in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa. The new school will be named the Arise Christian School (ACS). ACS is part of Arise Africa, a ministry based in Fort Worth, Texas dedicated to serving children in Zambia through education, feeding, shelter, health and religious services.

Kershaw’s Challenge is a faith-based, others-focused organization, founded by three-time Cy Young Award Winner and Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw, and his wife Ellen. Kershaw’s Challenge exists to encourage people to use whatever God-given passion or talent they have to make a difference and give back to people in need.

They empower people to use their spheres of influence to impact communities positively and to expand God’s Kingdom. Kershaw’s Challenge believes that God can transform at-risk children and neighborhoods through the benevolence and impact of others.

Bringing the heat: Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw produced a strong outing against the St. Louis Cardinals in the team’s 2-1 extra innings win at home. Photo by Dennis J. Freeman/

“Kershaw’s Challenge began with our work in Africa and specifically through our friendship with Arise Africa,” Clayton and Ellen Kershaw said in a statement. “We are proud of all that has been accomplished so far and look forward to this next stage of work with Arise Africa. This new school beautifully represents our mission and dedication to making life better for children living in Lusaka.”

Arise Africa’s partnership with Kershaw’s Challenge began in 2011. During a trip to Zambia, Clayton and Ellen Kershaw met a little girl named Hope who had a very evident need in her life. She was a vulnerable orphan, accustomed to surviving on the street. Ellen and Clayton sponsored Hope in order to provide for her basic needs, but it was clear that she needed more.

She needed a safe place to call home. Every year, Kershaw’s Challenge partners with various non-profits around the world to work alongside them on specific projects to improve the lives of thousands of at-risk children. Since 2011, Kershaw’s Challenge has partnered with Arise Africa to purchase land and build two homes, which house sixteen children in our full-time custody.

Photo courtesy of Arise Africa

These homes have radically changed the lives of these children, enabling them to have a place to call home and a forever family.

“The Arise Africa family in Texas and Africa are so grateful for the commitment and generosity of Clayton and Ellen Kershaw and the partnership with Kershaw’s Challenge,” said Alissa Rosebrough, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Arise Africa. “The new school will have a massive impact on the children and entire community we serve in Zambia.”

In 2016, Kershaw’s Challenge worked together with Arise Africa and purchased land in Ngombe Compound for ACS. The school is located in the heart of a community that Arise is serving. Currently, 150 students in Arise Africa’s Child Sponsorship Program learn in a house that came with the property. Once the new school is finished, this number will turn to over 600.

Construction on the new facilities at ACS will be starting soon. The first phase of building will be focused on the foundations: properly building the land with plumbing and electricity, as well as setting the large water storage stands. Additionally, the first phase will include the building of six classrooms and one toilet block.

Arise Africa is a 501c3 nonprofit ministry headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. Founded in 2010, Arise Africa currently has 500 children in a child sponsorship program. They also have two homes where children live in Arise’s full-time custody.

Arise Africa works to empower children living in extreme poverty by providing them access to education, healthcare, meals, shelter, and the basic needs of life. All of this is done while teaching them the love of Christ. Arise also offers mission trips to individuals throughout the year. They also have a scholarship program where students attend university. Currently, Arise Africa employs forty staff in Zambia and three in America.

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