EntrepreneurReboot is taking aspirations to the next level

LONG BEACH, CA-Entrepreneurs are individuals who are readily-assembled. They’re pre-packaged with creativity. Growing up in Long Beach, California, Kevyn Palmer always knew the creative juices that bubbled inside of him as a youth would someday navigate its way into fruition.

“When I came out with my first brand, Positive Reaction, I wanted to see more positive vibes, more positive circumstances and situations,” Palmer said. “That gave me the confidence to know that I’m on the right track. As an entrepreneur, you’re going to have to stay positive. When people were buying the product that made me feel like this is what I’m supposed to be doing: inspiring and encouraging people. You want to start off being positive.”

EntrepreneurReboot Founder Kevyn Palmer is looking to inspire others to live their dream. Photo courtesy of Kevyn Palmer/Facebook

After taking the winding road of working long hours in management positions in the retail sector, Palmer decided to take a nose dive into the entrepreneur world to become his own boss. He began designing custom-fitted men and women attire. Throwing up logos on hats became his next fixation. For a while, Palmer’s humble beginnings turned out to be moderately successful. His navigation towards success has been a matter of being someone overcoming the odds, Palmer said.

“Overcomer is Biblical,” said Palmer. “It’s a Biblical term. It’s a Biblical name. We’re more than conquerors. We’re overcomers, but it’s all in Christ Jesus. So when I think of myself as an overcomer, I rely solely on Jesus Christ to whatever the situation or circumstance is that He is going to give me the strength to overcome that by faith.”

That success motivated another level of business acumen in Palmer. As he examined the business landscape and networked with other small business owners or individuals looking to transform their ideas into budding companies, Palmer noticed the push to encourage other free-flowing thinkers looking to take that entrepreneur step, is not really prevalent in too many spaces. Armed with a desire to push brands, Palmer caught the vision to be that person to help motivate other people to find their own way in the entrepreneur world.

Instead of pushing his own brand, EntrepreneurReboot Founder Kevyn Palmer is pushing others to fulfill their aspirations. Photo courtesy of Kevyn Palmer/Facebook

“The re-directing is that I’m fine-tuning my vision,” Palmer said. “When I first started off, it was about getting me exposure and getting my name out there and getting my brand out there as an individual. But as I continue on this journey, I find it more prevalent and more important and more imperative that we mentor and coach and navigate and direct our youth who have a dynamic mind in the entrepreneur journey so that we can better equip them so that they’re more effective and won’t have so many of the setbacks and the challenges and obstacles that I experienced.”

One of those challenges was not having a coach in his corner providing him with the lessons he’s eager to hand out to others,” Palmer said.

“I didn’t have a coach or a mentor when I first began this journey as an entrepreneur,” said Palmer. “I had to learn everything as it came and the experience as it came…I find it very important that for me as an individual that since I didn’t have a mentor, I want somebody else to have a mentor and coach. So, I’m using that platform now.”

Thus, EntrepreneurReboot was born. The idea behind EntrepreneurReboot is to encourage individuals to believe that they have a story to tell the rest of the world through their own artistic expression, whether it’s writing a book, selling children clothing, forming a construction company or building a real estate empire.

It doesn’t matter when this enlightenment takes place, Palmer said. If you put in 20 years on a 9-to-5 job, and if you have thoughts of becoming a musician, then do it. The impossible can be made possible. There are no boundaries to one’s dreams and aspirations. This what EntreprenuerReboot hopes to promote, Palmer says.

“My short-term goal is to make an impact in encouraging individuals, whether you got discouraged or you’re stagnated in your vision, your gift or you’ve just given up hope in your vision to reboot it,” Palmer said. “Re-energize it, re-think it, take another look at it and find out and say, ‘Wait a minute. All this time that I’ve spent, why would I now want to throw my dream and vision away?’ And so now you’ve wasted all that time. When it could be just as simple as sitting down and re-looking at it, re-thinking it and saying, ‘Hey, I want to reboot this.’ You never know how far that can take your dream or your vision. So rebooting is very important. It’s almost like when a computer starts to shut down or a computer starts to go slow, and it’s not moving and the energy is not there. The first thing we think is to reboot it. Reboot so that it can be rejuvenated.”

For more information about EntrepreneurReboot, contact by email: entrepreneurreboot@gmail.com

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  1. I’m so happy for you Kevyn Palmer. This story was very informative and a blessing. May God continue to enlarge your territory. You are a true Man of God and a pleasure to know.

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