Fundamental Friday: Feeding the body as well as the soul

Thank God it’s Fundamental Friday. This weekly article will venture into the fundamental elements of a variety of aspects of our lives and present the questions to us all, “Are we fundamental sound?”

Diet: The fundamental words for this Friday.

The word diet means is the kinds of food that a person habitually eats. Although many reference a diet as a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons. For this discussion, we are going to view our diet as what we habitually eat. There is a saying, “You are what you eat.”

Our fundamental success on our journey through life is directly connected to the foods we consume. There are foods that provide nutrients for our bodies and muscles. There is also food that is essential for our souls. As we delve into this dietary conversation, let’s keep on focus on what we habitually eat. This is not the once a week meal or snack, but the intake o select foods on a daily bases.

We have all been exposed to the 5 basic food groups of (1) Vegetables and Fruits, (2) Starchy foods, (3) Dairy products, (4) Foods containing Fat and Sugar and (5) the Meat and Poultry group. Each of these food groups provides a nutritious value that helps our bodies maintain throughout the course of a day and throughout our life’s journey.

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These groups are categorized to work in harmony and to be eaten in moderations. The term “balanced diet” describes the eating from each of these groups in proportion to maximize the nutrients our body’s needs.

I met a professional bodybuilder who introduced me to the concept of eating that intrigues me. Basically, he taught me that the attempts to eat healthy “all” the time or every day of the week can be a setup for failure. This approach makes an individual feel down if they are enticed to eat something that is not on the healthy food list. Basically, he taught me that we should have a day each week in which we are allowed to eat whatever we want. He suggested Fridays or Saturdays because those are the days we are either out and/or with friends.

As an athlete and a coach, our diets play a major role in our body’s ability to perform at its highest level. The diet is not only what we eat, but it also includes when we eat. Unfortunately, many of us are addicted to sweets and tend to overeat items in the sugar group. Some foods, like bread, are actually in the sugar food group because the bread turns into sugar once we eat it. Everything we eat has an effect on our bodies and we must take the time to understand what foods are in our diet and how they affect our bodies.

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There is a spiritual food that feeds our souls in a similar fashion. These foods are commonly known as the word of God. As we read the word of God, our souls are feed and our minds are exposed to God’s will for us. It is not simply a matter of reading the word of God, but attending bible studies and Sunday schools also added nutrients our soul receives from God’s word.

This type of food helps us maintain a positive attitude in spite of our situation. The best athlete in any sport is the one that can maintain his/her composure in the midst of the battle in which things are not going well. The times when the opposing team’s players and fans are pushing buttons that can (in some cases will) upset or anger us. These emotions can take over and become a distraction, whether in sports, at work, and in any environment.

Like have a balanced diet in the foods we eat, we need a balanced diet in the materials we read, the food for our brain. Motivational materials, spiritual guidance materials and other forms of materials that help shape and equip our attitude. Clearly, scriptures are a source, but we can find food for the soul in various reading materials that can equip us maintaining our peace and calm in the midst of troubling situations.

Fundamentally, it is important for us to take the time to understand the food that we eat habitually. These foods should be the nutrients and provide the energy our bodies need to navigate through a day. Overconsumption will have a contrary effect on our bodies and our ability to perform at the highest level possible. Similarly, we have to feed our souls with both spiritual food and other motivational materials that will help build a foundation that helps us become fundamentally sound.

Remember, we are what we eat and we must exercise a sense of responsibility in what we consume both naturally and spiritually. In moderation, most foods are good for us, it is the overconsumption we have to be concerned with.
Until next week, be prepared to answer the question, “Are you fundamental sound?” with the resounding yes and here are my successes which demonstrate my fundamental soundness.

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