Sisqo and Dru Hill bring their magic to ‘Taste of Soul’

LOS ANGELES, CA (News4usonline) – It’s always good to hear good music. It’s even better when that music is played live and you have people on stage who can belt out a tune and not hide behind a whole mess of the latest technological gadgets to prop them up.

Thank goodness that Sisqo and Dru Hill don’t have to rely on any gimmicks or stage trickery to give people their money’s worth when they perform. That’s the impression the Baltimore, Maryland group has always offered to its vast legion of fans.

Hitting the Hyundai Sound Stage at the annual Taste of Soul event in South Los Angeles, both Sisqo and Dru Hill left their indelible music mark on the city of Los Angeles. It’s been a while since Dru Hill last made an album. The last time the hit-making soul ensemble dropped an LP was back in 2010 when they released InDRUpendence Day, the fourth and final album that they completed.

There’s a saying that many people around music have often chirped about and that’s if you’re going to stand in front of a microphone, you had better come correct. Someone must have told Sisqo, “Boy, you better open up your mouth and sing” a long time ago, because that is exactly what he and his Dru Hill comrades did, much to the enjoyment and listening pleasure to those reminiscing about the good old days.

October 19, 2019 © Dennis J. Freeman/News4usonline – Dru Hill lead singer Sisqo doing his thing on stage at the annual Taste of Soul event in South Los Angeles.

If this was a paying concert gig, you definitely would not have left disappointed after seeing the group perform. Sisqo and Dru Hill were so good that I felt like I was cheating the game by not paying to see them work their magic on stage.

Well, anyway, if you missed the gospel-tinged sound of lead singer Sisqo intimately grind out songs like In My Bed and How Deep is Your Love, as well as dropping his monster hit “Thong Song” from his solo album “Unleash the Dragon,” you would have missed given yourself a well-deserved treat.
Many high-profile acts graced the 2019 version of Taste of Soul, including the S.O.S. Band, Johnny Gill, Doug. E. Fresh, Klymaxx, and Fred Hammond. But for the nearly three hours that this reporter decided to hang out at the well-attended and culturally-centered event, Sisqo and Dru Hill went to the top of the list when it came to the most impressive category.

For the half-hour that they took control of their show, Sisqo and Dru Hill earned themselves a host of brownie points and cleaned house when it came to style, delivery, and performance. Sisqo darn near stole the show from his bandmates. Check that; he did.

October 19, 2019 © Dennis J. Freeman/News4usonline – Sisqo and Dru Hill performed some of their biggest hits at the annual Taste of Soul event in South Los Angeles. Some of the songs they performed were “In My Bed” and “Incomplete.”

If you were able to make your way to King and Crenshaw Boulevards, where Dru Hill was putting on their best professional act, the one thing that could not have been mistaken was the distinctive sound of Sisqo electrifying through the South Los Angeles air with penetrating force. Dru Hill brought a lot of energy to the stage for their performance.

Sisqo, however, added a little bit more juice with his savvy stage presence and ability to effectively woo a crowd, which he did effortlessly with his many rhythmic gyrations and vocal gymnastics. The atmosphere that Sisqo and Dru Hill created was fun and exuberated with high energy.

In many ways, if your time came before the Millennials and Generation Z, Dru Hill’s performance brought back a sense of nostalgia of yesteryear when the group was on fire tearing up the music charts. Believe it or not, Sisqo’s biggest hit when he broke off into his solo career outside of his work with Dru Hill, was not the thumping Thong Song. Thong Song finished at No. 3 on the Billboard charts. His ballad Incomplete landed at the Billboard No. 1 spot in 2000.

As far as Dru Hill, the group made its mark with romantic songs In My Bed, which peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard charts in 1997, and How Deep is Your Love (No.3). Their best single collaborated with rapper Kool Mo Dee and actor Will Smith, was Wild, Wild West, a No. 1 staple on Billboard in 1999. That may seem a long time ago, but Sisqo and Dru Hill have the moxie to prove that good music is timeless, especially if you have a great mouthpiece to deliver it.

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