Ducks sit down Trojans in blowout win

LOS ANGELES, CA (News4usonline) – The USC Trojans lost 56-24 to the No. 7 Oregon Ducks on Saturday. The humiliating defeat puts USC at 5-4 for the season and (4-2) in the conference. This loss left a bad taste in people’s mouth and there were fans who called head coach Clay Helton out as he was walking with his head down towards the locker room.

All throughout the season, there has been speculation about Helton’s job security, whether he would return next season. During the post-game interview, Helton got a chance to defend himself and elaborate on why he believes he is the right person as USC head coach.

“I’ve been here for 10 years and I believe in being a servant to this university and to the young men that are here,” Helton said. “Each and every day I wake up, I represent them and this school. I will continue to do that, each and every day. I will fight like hell for the people I believe in, and the people that I love. Until they ask me not to do it anymore. I will continue to do what I know, and that’s a fight.”

Helton is great at not worrying about the outside noise during times of adversity. Although his job is in jeopardy, he continues to focus on the kids he goes to war for. The USC football team.

During the postgame interview, Helton said

“The guys that I worry about. Is the guys are beside me, and that locker room. I am trying to help them win a championship, our staff is trying to help them win a championship,” Helton said. “I love them like sons. I’m not worried about me. I worked and played enough ball for ten lifetimes. Whatever’s written is already written. We’re fighting to win a Pac-12 Championship. We’re a little bit behind, but we can do it.”

Helton is not concerned about the future. His focus is to give the young guys the best experience in his time frame as head coach and looking towards the future. On the bright side, Helton is staying optimistic about winning a Pac-12 championship. He believes in those the kids.

Time is running out and the pressure is on for Helton to get more wins. Show the world that USC can Fight On.

Photo by Sammy Saludo for News4usonline

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