Dodgers considered to be World Series favorites

LAS VEGAS, NV — The Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees, followed by the Houston Astros, remain the three clear favorites to win the World Series after Major League Baseball announced the opening of its shortened 2020 season, according to, which tracks odds in the U.S. regulated sports betting markets.

aseball announced Tuesday that it will push ahead with opening its 2020 season on July 23 — a season that will feature 60 games in 66 days for each team and a bevy of rule modifications, including adding a universal designated hitter. Each team’s schedule will be significantly regionalized, too, adding a significant wrinkle in how the season plays out.

Legal sportsbooks have continued to shift their futures odds during the postponement — significantly in some cases — including at DraftKings and FanDuel, the country’s two largest sportsbook operators. The Dodgers are now offered at +375 on DraftKings — paying $375 for every $100 bet — and +400 on FanDuel. The Dodgers were +370 on FanDuel and +375 on DraftKings when the season was postponed in March. DraftKings and FanDuel left the Yankees unchanged at +400 and +380, respectively. The Astros have been among the biggest movers, with DraftKings and FanDuel both placing them at +650, moving from $550 on DraftKings and +700 on FanDuel. The defending champion Washington Nationals are set at +1800 on both DraftKings and FanDuel, shifting from +1600 on DraftKings and +1700 on FanDuel.

“The Dodgers and Yankees were always going to remain favorites, but the shortened season should give longer shots an improved chance at a World Series title than they would have had over a 162-game season,” said Brett Collson, betting analyst at “The 60-game season adds more variance and randomness to the sport, creating the possibility of some major upsets in the fall. We expect the lines will be quite fluid as more details of baseball’s proposal become known.”

The Yankees are the favorite among teams that play in legal sports betting jurisdictions. They are followed by:

  • New York Mets (+2000 DraftKings and +2100 FanDuel, from +2500 DraftKings and +2200 FanDuel)
  • Philadelphia Phillies (+2000 DraftKings and +2300 FanDuel, from +2000 DraftKings and +2500 FanDuel)
  • Chicago Cubs (+2200 DraftKings and +3000 FanDuel, from +2500 DraftKings and +3000 FanDuel)
  • Chicago White Sox (+3000 DraftKings and +3300 FanDuel, from +3500 DraftKings and +3300 FanDuel)
  • Colorado Rockies (+15000 DraftKings and +22000 FanDuel, from +15000 DraftKings and +10000 FanDuel)
  • Pittsburgh Pirates (+10000 DraftKings and +33000 FanDuel, from +10000 DraftKings and +50000 FanDuel)
  • Detroit Tigers (+75000 DraftKings and +50000 FanDuel, unchanged from +75000 DraftKings and +50000 FanDuel)

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