New Zealand ice cream shows support for Gianna Floyd and #BLM movement

AUCKLAND, New Zealand — Racism is a subject at the forefront of our minds right now: at both individual and at large corporate levels. The murder of George Floyd is just one of so many tragic outcomes of racism in our world – an ugly plague that is very much still present in this day and age.

Racism is a cultural issue and it can only be fought from the ground up, by ensuring people are raised to understand what is unjust.

Right now, the world’s attention is on a specific type of racism that is, unfortunately, being repeated continuously – racism against black people. At Giapo – a little ice cream shop in Aotearoa New Zealand – we’ve been troubled by this issue and in response, we have turned to our usual form of communication: ice cream. We’ve created an ice cream that offers people a time-out moment in which to reflect on what is happening in the world, and what each of us can do to improve the situation.

Photo Credit: Davide Zerilli

#makeicecreamyourtarget is our symbol of solidarity, our poster, our stance that speaks about the fact that no human being should be preyed upon. This is how we demonstrate our hope for a better world, one in which there will be no more deaths like that of George Floyd.

This new project began as a welling up of emotion I had inside of me, wanting to find a way to do something to lend support to the BLM movement and to all those suffering. The goal here was to find a way to use our privilege, and our art, to send a clear message demanding a world where racism is not tolerated.

Like everything we create at Giapo, I know that everyone who purchases this creation for themselves will have their own story, their own meaning they add to it. Our ice cream seeks to transcend the function of merely being consumed as food. We hope to add an extra layer to many voices of rebellion, for people to feel they can use ice cream as a demonstrative weapon against the status quo, hence the title #makeicecreamyourtarget.

I hope this creation can help people process and express emotions, as it is doing for me.

All money raised out of this creation will be donated to Gianna Floyd, daughter of the late George FloydOFFICIAL Gianna Floyd Fund (George Floyd’s child) organized by Tiffany Lee.

Yours truly,
Gianpaolo Grazioli, co-founder of Giapo

SOURCE Giapo Ice Cream

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