Dodgers bring in new diversity, equity and inclusion chief

The Los Angeles Dodgers are doing something about improving diversity within the ballclub. The legendary franchise which led the way for integration in Major League Baseball when the Jackie Robinson experiment came into fruition, is doing something extraordinary by creating a position that dives in on equity and inclusion.

With that said, the Dodgers hired Courtney Moore as their vice president of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. It is a move that the organization applauded. Exactly what Moore will be doing in her new position has not been elaborated on.

But judging by her background of having over two decades of implementing diversity and inclusion policies and initiatives in corporate America, Moore will be adding a dynamic voice to the organization.

“The Dodgers are part of the fabric of Los Angeles, and it’s imperative that we represent the great diversity of our City and maintain an inclusive environment for all Angelenos at Dodger Stadium,” said Dodger President & CEO Stan Kasten. “These initiatives are of the utmost importance to our organization and we are thrilled to be able to find someone with Courtney’s experience and expertise to focus, build out and lead our DEI programs. She’s been a positive agent of change across multiple industries during the course of her career, and we’re looking forward to learning from her and continuing to develop as an organization.”

Before she landed her gig with the Dodgers, Moore worked as the Director of Diversity and Inclusion for a law firm. Building a more inclusive workplace was Moore’s challenge at Munger, Tolles & Olson. Her sports-related background comes by way of working for the Chicago White Sox as the Broadcast and Special Events Coordinator.

It is kind of strange that the Dodgers, a team that has beaten a pathway to include Black people and other ethnic groups in historic first moves, would need a diversity and equity chief to make sure the ballclub is doing its best in honoring the inclusion department.

“These are difficult and challenging times marked by a global pandemic, racial dissension and societal inequities,” said Moore. “In this climate, I am incredibly honored to work for a pioneering organization that understands the importance of amplifying diversity & inclusion. I look forward to meeting my colleagues and getting to work!”

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