WNBA reps league’s 25th season with new jerseys

When the WNBA starts its new season next month, its players will be donning new jerseys to celebrate the WNBA’s 25th season. Aside from being some of the best-looking jerseys, the WNBA has ever seen, the Nike jersey will come with a much anticipated third option.

Now teams have the option to choose from their home jersey (Heroine Edition), away jersey (Explorer Edition), and the newly added third option which is referred to as the Rebel Edition.

The new jerseys are adorned with lots of big and small detail that make these jerseys different from the traditional jerseys typically worn by the player. For instance, every jersey has a 1/144 notation meant to represent the number of players in the WNBA.

This detail is not only unique but is very special because the new collection of jerseys is a reflection of feedback provided by players.

“The basketball uniform is an important representation of the brand of WNBA players and teams, and a point of pride for fans,” WNBA Commissioner Cathy Engelbert said. “In partnership with Nike, unveiling new and exciting adaptations of the WNBA uniforms is a dynamic way to build on the foundation of the league’s first 25 years.”

One of the jerseys’ most important aspects is the fact Nike completely redesigned the fight of the jerseys to accommodate the different body types in the league. In the past players have had to roll their shorts up or tuck their jerseys in their athletic bras for a more comfortable fit. Players now have the option to choose from three necklines: V neck, round neck, or a hybrid neckline which can only be found in WNBA jerseys.

The shorts now have more room in the glutes and thighs to provide a better, more comfortable fit. To address players’ concerns about having to tuck their tops, Nike gave the jerseys wider armholes to allow more room in the abdomen and chest area.

The revamped jerseys have been welcomed with open arms by WNBA players. Reigning MVP, A’ja Wilson said she is excited about the new jersey because it feels like Nike took the players’ feedback about previous jerseys in mind when creating the new collection.

“I’m a gear person’s worst nightmare because I tuck and I roll and I twist and do everything else,” the Las Vegas Aces forward said. “But you could tell Nike was definitely like, ‘We’re going to try to make sure A’ja doesn’t [have to] do any of that.'”

With the WNBA jerseys getting a complete revamp, one has to ask what took so long? The WNBA has been around for 25 years. A quarter of a century is nothing to sneeze at. There are college teams who have had more appealing jerseys than the WNBA. It shouldn’t have taken 25 years for these players to get jerseys that correctly fit.

We all know the NBA brings in way more money than the WNBA but that excuse is tired, old and it’s time we give that up. The WNBA may never bring in the amount of revenue or buzz its male counterpart but that does not mean they don’t deserve nice things. How can we expect the general public to garner interest in women’s basketball if they can’t get something as simple as comfortable jerseys?

Seattle Storm’s superstar Sue Bird believes players need to feel comfortable to play well. It’s a confidence thing. How can you give your best when you are not given the right tools to be great?

“I’ve always subscribed to, ‘Look good, feel good, play good,'” Seattle Storm guard Sue Bird said. “If it fits right and it looks good, you’re a little more comfortable, which means you’re a little more confident. It sounds silly, but it matters.”

Nike’s revamped jerseys feel like a step in the right direction to garner more attention and fans for the WNBA. When images of the new jersey emerged online, tweets and Instagram posts began to flood in. Many users remarked on how nice the designs were while other users vowed to buy a WNBA jersey for the first time in their life.

Something as simple as a jersey is currently making new fans for WNBA teams all over the country. This is what the WNBA deserves. While we await the start of the WNBA’s 25th season here are three of my favorite jerseys.

  1. Indiana Fever-Rebel Jersey

The Indiana Fever’s Rebel Jersey is not only a departure from previous team designs but it’s also a homage to Netflix’s hit show, Stranger Things. The all-black jersey is dripped with bold red speckles that give an almost insidious look to the jerseys that will give you Halloween vibes year-round.

  1. Los Angeles Sparks- Rebel Jersey

The Sparks decided to keep it simple with their rebel jersey and it’s hard not to like it. The black and gold jersey proves that sometimes less is more. The Rebel jersey is sure to become a crowd favorite amongst Sparks fans.

  1. Phoenix Mercury-Heroine Jersey

When Diana Taurasi suits up for her 17th year, she will do so in an updated version of Mercury’s classic home jersey. The all-white jersey is a homage to the women’s suffrage movement with a subtle nod to jerseys worn by the NBA’s Phoenix Sun. The team felt the need to show thanks to the Suns for their unwavering support throughout the years.