LA Philharmonic brings ‘Black Panther’ back to life

HOLLYWOOD (News4usonline) – The Hollywood Bowl continues to be the place to experience first-class entertainment in Southern California. Black Panther the Marvel movie’s Oscar-winning score, by Swedish composer Ludwig Göransson, was performed live-to-picture live by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Senegalese singer Baaba Maal and an ensemble of African drummers at the Hollywood Bowl.

Black Panther was performed before a standing-room audience of thousands of concert attendees at the Hollywood Bowl for three straight nights. I had previously seen the Marvel movie several times since its 2018 release.

This was the first time I had seen Black Panther since the untimely death of its star actor Chadwick Boseman who portrayed the role of T’Challa the King of Wakanda who like the Black Panther was the protector of his country. Boseman died tragically of colon cancer in 2020.

Black Panther cast. Courtesy photo/LA Philharmonic/Disney

As soon as Boseman appeared on screen you could see and feel the wave of emotion and sadness that swept through the crowd at the loss of an actor gone too soon who portrayed a role in a movie that touched the hearts and souls of millions of fans globally.

Black Panther which was the first superhero movie nominated for an Academy, was a worldwide cultural phenomenon. The movie’s soundtrack and score were just as impressive. The Hollywood Bowl features some of the greatest musicians in the world.

To hear them play the score of the Black Panther was electrifying with concert-goers clapping frequently in appreciation of the music and with a surprise appearance of Baaba Maal — whose voice is heard at the introduction to Wakanda who was flown in from Senegal.

The film lasted for 134 minutes. But concert attendees were treated to over two hours of music with the musicians on stage playing most of the time. The orchestra and soloists who performed live under the baton of Thomas Wilkins, principal conductor of the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra should all be commended for one of the best musical experiences I have been a part of in recent memory.