Newsom is in, recall gets the boot

California will keep Gavin Newsom as its governor. After all of the wasteful $276 million used on the recall effort, Gov. Newsom easily beat back the odds to retain his position as the state’s highest elected official. Early results tallied had 64 percent of the people of California voting no on the recall effort.

Those in favor of the recall stood at 36 percent.

“With so many businesses struggling to return to a new normal, the defeat of the recall is welcome news,” said L.A. Area Chamber President and CEO Maria S. Salinas. “The effects of recalling the Governor would have created great uncertainty for our communities, employees, and businesses. We are ready to grow the economy and help businesses create good jobs to strengthen the region. We look forward to working with Governor Newsom to ensure an equitable economic recovery,” she concluded.

Just a day before the Sept. 14 election, Newsom campaigned throughout the state, including making a stop in Long Beach where he was joined by President Joe Biden.

After touring the wreckage left by wildfires in Northern California, both President Biden and Newsom flew together on Air Force One to attend a campaign rally for the governor.

Besides calling on President Biden, had also relied on a cameo campaign appearance by Vice President Kamala Harris and television ads by former President Barack Obama to help keep his job. The grounds for which the recall petition was launched was because Newsom “implemented laws that are detrimental to the citizens of this state and our way of life.”

Liberal groups all over the state released messages and statements denouncing the recall effort.

“The people of California have spoken. Gov. Newsom’s leadership during these challenging times and his record as a staunch champion of LGBTQ+ equality are undeniable. From signing legislation to protect and advance the rights of transgender Californians to expanding access to HIV prevention medication and helping lead California through the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had a disproportionate impact on LGBTQ+ people, Gov. Newsom has been and will continue to be a leader and advocate for the 1.6 million LGBTQ+ Californians. We look forward to continuing our work to advance equality alongside Governor Newsom.”

With a host of names thrown into the mix to replace Newsom had he been effectively recalled, talk show host Larry Elder led the pack with 46 percent of the vote. Now that the recall has been officially defeated, organizations are calling on the state to do better when it comes to taking down inequities and systemic racism.

“Communities of color are California’s majority and it looks like they turned out in serious numbers to reject candidates who claim that systemic racism doesn’t exist, who deny climate change, and who make preposterous claims of voter fraud before the polls were even closed,” said Greenlining Institute President and CEO Debra Gore-Mann. “Our communities are still weighed down by the effects of centuries of systemic racism, which are exacerbated by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and climate disasters. That came from deliberate policy choices and can only be fixed through deliberate policy choices.”

Featured Image Caption: California Gov. Gavin Newsom leaving Air Force One for a campaign rally in Long Beach, California on Monday, Sept. 13, 2021. Newsom was in Southern California along with President Joe Biden to campaign against a recall effort. Photo credit: Dennis J. Freeman/News4usonline