Rondo signing an oldie but goodie theme

Instead of the 2 Live Crew, the Los Angeles Lakers have turned the team into the Oldies but Goodies squad. The Lakers made that even more prevalent with the signing of Rajon Rondo. After playing a major part in leading the Lakers to the NBA title in 2020, Rondo went to the Atlanta Hawks but was traded to the Los Angeles Clippers last season.

So for a good portion of the season, Rondo played ball with the ‘other team.’ Rondo and the Lakers decided to partner up again in hopes for another championship run. Without a real ball-handling guard, the Lakers were knocked out of the postseason in the first round to the Phoenix Suns in six games.

The addition of Rondo means the Lakers are now rich in the backcourt. It also means the Lakers have a very savvy veteran team. During this offseason, the Lakers have traded for Russell Westbrook and signed free-agent deals with Trevor Ariza, Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, and Wayne Ellington.

More importantly, the Lakers have probably the oldest roster in the NBA when you add LeBron James, Marc Gasol to those names. Rondo has played 15 years in the NBA. In his first season with the Lakers, Rondo tallied averages of 8 points and 6.5 assists a game.

Featured Image Caption: Guard Rajon Rondo looks to push the ball upcourt during a fastbreak opportunity. File Photo/Dennis J FreemanNews4usonline