A sneak peek at the Rose Parade floats

PASADENA, Calif. – As the Pasadena Tournament of Roses® and our nationwide community of partners enter the final stretch leading up to the 2022 Rose Parade® presented by Honda, we are excited to offer the last of five sneak previews of floral float entries that reveal the colorful and creative spectacle that awaits streetside and worldwide broadcast audiences on Sat., Jan. 1, 2022.

This year’s float entries will bring bright florals, dramatic storytelling, inspired designs, and spirited riders and out-walkers that have been Rose Parade hallmarks for more than 130 years.

The theme of the 133rd Rose Parade — “Dream. Believe. Achieve.” — is reflected in float designs from longstanding participants AIDS Healthcare Foundation, City of South Pasadena, Kiwanis International, Trader Joe’s and Western Asset; newcomers AMC Theatres and ABC’s The Bachelor; as well as longtime partner and presenting sponsor of the Rose Parade, Honda.

The design concepts dramatized on supersized storytelling canvases range from whimsical and futuristic to heartfelt and realistic.

A total of 43 floats will join 20 marching bands, 18 equestrian units, and dignitaries—including Grand Marshal LeVar Burton—down the historical five-and-a-half-mile route on New Year’s Day 2022. The 2022 Rose Parade’s full float lineup and complete order of march will be announced later this month.

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Honda’s 2022 Rose Parade float, “Believe and Achieve!,” celebrates the 2022 Rose Parade theme— “Dream. Believe. Achieve.”—by showcasing The Power of Dreams. The float features a young girl with a boundless passion for invention. She’s blasting off wearing a rocket pack she’s designed and built, using her imagination and the tools you see on the float, assisted by her four-legged canine friend and cheerleader.

The blast-off depicted on the float began as the young girl’s dream; powered by her belief in herself and her ability to make it happen; and finally, the achievement of her dream. Judging by her band aids, she’s put in a lot of hard work and overcome a few challenges along the way. Honda believes in embracing the dreams of and creating opportunities for the next generation.

The company knows educating today’s youth will inspire creativity and spark innovation to help solve tomorrow’s challenges. That’s why Honda has made STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) education and career readiness a top priority, so that young people like this aspiring engineer can make their dreams a reality. To further illustrate this idea, float riders include several female associates working in STEAM-related fields at Honda locations across the country.

These associates personify what can happen when young people follow their dreams. (Artistic Entertainment Services)

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ABC’s The Bachelor

Kicking off its 20th anniversary as part of the Rose Parade, “The Bachelor” celebrates 20 years of incredible journeys with the most dramatic-ally beautiful homage to love…ever. For two decades, “The Bachelor” has brought unforgettable moments of vulnerability and romance into homes around the world. With unmatched success, the series launched a franchise that includes “The Bachelorette” and “Bachelor in Paradise,” both of which have helped forge the path of lasting love. Appearing on the steps of the mansion will be: the newest Bachelor himself, Clayton Echard and host of “The Bachelor” season 26, Jesse Palmer. (Artistic Entertainment Services).

AIDS Healthcare Foundation

The AIDS Healthcare Foundation is raising COVID-19 vaccine awareness with a space-age view of a globally healthy future. Their “Vaccinate Our World” float and its space travelers are set in a time when vaccines and state-of-the-art medicines are routinely accepted and efficiently deployed and shared equitably across the world. The float showcases beautiful floral displays to both encourage and highlight the importance of globally sharing COVID-19 vaccines and technology with resource-poor countries that desperately need access to these lifesaving treatments. (Fiesta Parade Floats)

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AMC Theatres

The first-ever Rose Parade float entry from AMC Theatres dramatizes how, in the words of AMC’s national campaign, “We Make Movies Better.” Moviegoers relax in the lobby at MacGuffins Bar and enjoy watching trailers from the comfort of AMC’s luxury recliners. The screen is flanked by details inspired by AMC’s sophisticated interior designs and supersized monuments to a snack that’s synonymous with the moviegoing experience: popcorn. Offering spacious rocking seats, innovative menus, IMAX, Dolby Cinema, and dine-in locations, AMC Theatres offers a range of ways to have a great time at the movies. (Phoenix Decorating Company).

City of South Pasadena

South Pasadena Tournament of Roses’ all-volunteer organization has been constructing and decorating Rose Parade floats since 1893—by far the parade’s senior float participant. The 2022 float depicts four ostriches—Theodore Fahrenheit, Ollie, Gidget and Carl—harboring the most far out of dreams: to fly! A fifth ostrich, Gwendolyn, captures the moment on camera. In the spirit of community, the mountain and deck sides are decorated with pinecones and liquid amber pods collected by residents in the South Pasadena area. The float illustrates that anything is possible when you dare to “Dream. Believe. Achieve.” (Self built)

Kiwanis International

Kiwanis International’s 40th Rose Parade float entry features a stylish turtle piloting an all-terrain vehicle towing a “dream boat.” Kiwanis youth and friends follow a signpost pointing them “To The Future” as Mr. Turtle navigates a floral marsh overflowing with life, including rabbits, butterflies, fish and a dragonfly. The annual float campaigns led by The California, Nevada, Hawaii District of Kiwanis International underscore the organization’s service to the children of the world, including leadership training for high school (Key Club) and college (Circle-K) students. (Phoenix Decorating Company)

Trader Joe’s

For 19 years, float entries from Trader Joe’s have celebrated their Crew Members and commitment to making a positive impact on the neighborhoods they serve. This year’s float entry sets a table where “You Are Invited!” to explore—and have fun—with a memorable meal filled with fresh finds, unexpected flavors and colorful characters, including TJ’s Mug Hanger Cookie Man, NYC’s iconic B&W Cookies, and a cauliflower sheep that has jumped the Man in the Moon. (Phoenix Decorating Company)

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Western Asset

As one of the world’s leading active fixed-income investment managers, Western Asset believes that by imagining the possibilities together, we can achieve the extraordinary. In celebration of their 50th anniversary, Western Asset invites Rose Parade audiences worldwide to sail the seven seas and “Let Imagination Be Your Guide” aboard a fantastical sailing ship outfitted with a maritime vintage telescope, compass, sky and earth exploration globes, books, and a single candle to read by. Joining a reading wise man for the journey are a green serpent dragon, a black crow with a treasure chest key, a butterfly, and a tabby cat adorned with a French beret and paintbrush. Musical notation adorns the ship’s flag as a pirate owl atop the mast oversees the menagerie below. (Phoenix Decorating Company)

Attribution: Tournament of Roses