Celebrities go bowling for a super cause

LadyLike Foundation hosts charity bowling event in Downtown Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (News4usonline) – The LadyLike Foundation, a faith-based non-profit organization whose purpose is to educate, empower and inspire young women living in underprivileged communities to try and achieve their dreams and goals, hosted a charity bowling event at Lucky Strike Lanes at L.A. Live in Downtown Los Angeles on Feb. 11.

The event featured not just bowling, but also a live DJ, food, drinks and more. Some famous professional athletes and celebrities were also in attendance at the event.

The retired athletes and celebrities who attended the event included Cedric the Entertainer, Metta World Peace, Mike Tyson, Paul Pierce, and Sugar Ray Leonard in addition to several others.

Dozens of people attended the event, despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, many said it was a big boost for the recovery of LA’s economy.

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“LA has been through a lot over the past couple of years,” said retired NFL quarterback Rodney Peete, a retired National Football League quarterback. “This event finally brought all of us [celebrities and legendary athletes] together.”

At the same time the event was happening, a Super Bowl experience event was happening at the Convention Center next door. Since the Super Bowl was going to be held at SoFi Stadium in nearby Inglewood on Sunday, Feb. 13, and the hometown Rams were playing in it, there were a lot of football fans, many of whom were Rams fans, in attendance at the bowling event.

“I am so glad the Rams are in [the Super Bowl],” said Peete. “I remember when the [Tampa Bay] Buccaneers were in it last year on their home turf, and now the Rams are in it at their home.”

When asked about predictions for the big game, many fans wanted the Rams to win, but there were some who were going for the Cincinnati Bengals, who the Rams are playing against.

“I’m hoping the Bengals win by a score of 21-18,” said Yalee, a sports card collector from Ohio. “I know they have a lot of stars and [Joe] Burrow is definitely going to lead them to victory.”

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People from other charities were also on hand to contribute to the LadyLike Foundation. They also said that they have their own charity events in addition to contributing to this one.

“I have a celebrity golf tournament every year in Sacramento [California],” said Bill Oates, a part owner of the Sacramento Kings. “I get about 600,000 entries every year for it.

“I know about the LadyLike Foundation and the person who founded it. It’s a great charity and I look to keep contributing to it further in years to come,” said Oates.

The mission of the LadyLike Foundation is “Changing the Lives of Young Ladies, Exponentially, One Day at a Time.” It was founded by Leah Cher Pump, President and CEO.

The economy is starting to bustle again as it was before the pandemic, and events like this will be more frequent as time continues to pass.