Alonzo King is ready for his Segerstrom Center dance 

(News4usonline) – For forty years, Alonzo King and his LINES ballet company have been captivating audiences through performance art by exhibiting the thrilling and enthralling beauty of dance. His new production will debut at Segerstrom Center of the Performing Arts on March 19 with the American Ballet Theatre that will incorporate his ideology of creativity through art.

A veteran of the stage, King has earned honorary doctorate degrees from The Juilliard School, California Institute of the Arts and the Dominican University of California. He was recently a Dance Magazine Award honoree in 2020 that celebrates outstanding talent and leadership.

King has been able to establish a prolific career that encapsulates a body of work full of diverse themes while giving opportunities to a plethora of performers who excel at their craft regardless of their background.

American Ballet Theatre. Photo courtesy of American Ballet Theatre

“We are a mixed company and we represent the world,” King said. “That it is a testament to the change that we are able to achieve through art as a society.”

The American Ballet Theatre will exhibit and highlight the extraordinary artistry and athleticism of ballet dancers in a new production that will feature a tribute to Tony Bennett from choreographer Jessica Lang, an artistic rendition of conductor Leonard Bernstein’s orchestration of  Divertimento by Alexei Ratmansky, along with the latest choreography from King.

The awaited world premiere of King’s current production will include set and costume design by Robert Rosenwasser with musical accompaniment by American jazz pianist Jason Moran. The production will also include 30 dancers who will grace the stage showcasing their talents while they convey the artistic interpretation of kindness.

“The theme for my production is kindness,” King said. “It is important that we all can come together on earth and not look at each other like aliens or different species since there is so much we can do and learn [from each other] if only we could get along.”

Since 1982, King has been a purveyor of quality dance productions and has emphasized multicultural  inclusion of any and all individuals, while celebrating the notion that everyone has the potential to develop positive change through the performing arts, including ballet.

Adji Cissoko of the Alonzo King LINES Ballet. Photo courtesy of RJ Muna

Throughout his illustrious career, those ideals have continued to be the consistent foundation for King’s motivation by incorporating concepts that influence his audience to embrace and acknowledge each person’s individuality. However, King believes that it is imperative to assimilate and conceptualize the image of positivity through art at a young age.

“When people talk about inclusion, what needs to happen is that children need to have their own individualism by being encouraged to write poetry, sing and dance,” King said.  “This will change the culture for the better as they can practice and learn early, but the indoctrination has to begin from youth.”

With four decades of experience, the ability to stay current or relevant can seem like a daunting task. The change in popular music genres can dictate new dancing trends that can make it difficult to stay relevant. Although, King’s process is not an industry secret, but a mentality to strive regardless of fatigue and stagnation.

“Your job as an artist is to create work,” King said. “Any negativity needs to be eradicated.”

King has been able to utilize his performance art by providing escapism for his audience to enjoy. His labor of passion has given him an appreciation that has helped produce over 160 productions. In a world that can be unforgiving and relentless, it can be easy to lose perspective of what truly matters.

“I stand still in gratitude when I look at who I am with and look at how I have grown,” King said. “We have to keep in mind how many people in the world get to choose what they want to do and that makes me grateful.”

Humbled by his immense success in his desired profession, King does not want to take for granted his accomplished career.

“We can be gone in one second,” King said. “It is a wonder to be alive.”

The American Ballet Theatre can be seen from March 16 -19 at the Segerstrom Center of the Arts in Costa Mesa.

Featured Image: Shuaib Elhassan of the Alonzo King LINES-Ballet. Photo courtesy of RJ Muna