Black creators make presence felt at WonderCon

ANAHEIM (News4usonline) – Black creators are growing in abundance in the world of comics. If you look around at some of the hottest comic events, Black creators flexed their works at the 2022 WonderCon.

Robert Roach, an industry veteran, talked about some of the projects he’s been working on and what he was trying to achieve by getting a vendor booth at WonderCon.

“It’s wonderful to see like-minded creators around me and being blessed to hang out with them again,” said Roach. “This is wonderful. I hadn’t realized I missed it until we were back, and also to run into new folks like you.”

Roach went on to say being in the presence of other Black creators at a mega-event like WonderCon, gives him and other individuals the opportunity to network and feed creative ideas off of each other.

Robert Roach at the 2022 WonderCon. Photo by Dennis J Freeman/News4usonline

“In terms of Blacks in comics, it enables us…iron sharpens iron,” Roach quipped. “We’re here, really rubbing up against each other creatively, and as creators, we will produce better quality stuff for our fans. In addition to that, most folks don’t really know Black culture…Black comics, especially by Black creators, gives us a chance to talk about culture and to talk about these issues among a wider audience.”  

Keith Knight attended WonderCon to help spread the word about his Hulu-driven TV show.

“I am here to do a preview of my Hulu TV show called “Woke,”’ said Knight. “It’s just great to be back at a con. I’m very happy about it.”

As far as what his definition of what being work means, Knight said it could be anything.   

“To me, being woke means being aware,” said Knight. “And you can be woke about anything. It’s just about being aware. That’s pretty much it.”

Katrina aka Faith for T-Motivator was out and about spreading the word about believing.  

“I’m out here at WonderCon representing what we created,” she said. “I’m the warrior of faith because if you don’t believe in a higher creation toy have to have faith to believe in yourself.”