Fans crossed the line, Suns’ Chris Paul says

(News4usonline) – Chris Paul is not happy. That’s because the behavior of fans attending these NBA playoff basketball games is getting more than just a little intense. Let’s put it this way; it’s getting out of hand. Literally and figuratively.

For Paul, that means people other than his family reportedly decided to put their hands on his mother and wife at some point during or after Game 4 of the Phoenix Suns-Dallas Mavericks playoff game. This is not cool. And this didn’t sit well with the Suns’ point guard.

So, instead of the focus being on how the Mavericks have knotted their Western Conference semifinal matchup with the Suns at 2-2 after their 111-101 win at the American Airlines Center, most of all of the attention now will go on how fans conduct themselves and how far they are allowed to go in teeing off on opponents’ families.

The question now becomes is it okay to belligerently taunt members of a player’s family members and or get physical with them? I would think that is a realm that fans should never cross or be given the latitude to cross. Save the booing and cheering for on-the-court action. Leave family alone.

After Dallas had put the finishing touches on their second win of the series, Paul, who had a morbid Game 4 with a contribution of five points and five assists, could be seen talking with security, and even going after a fan, yelling out, “I’ll see you later. I’ll see you later,” as the young patronage was attempting to leave the arena.

The Mavericks are aware of what took place, even going to the point of issuing a statement to ESPN reporter Dave McMenamin about the situation.

Well, with the Suns blowing their 2-0 series lead and now with the unfortunate interaction between unruly fans to Paul’s mother and wife, reportedly, the rest of the series is going to be closely watched. After four games, the Suns and the Mavericks are now engaged in a three-game showdown to see who moves on to the Western Conference Finals.

Paul and the Suns have the advantage with two of the final three games being played in Phoenix.

Featured photo caption: Phoenix Suns point guard Chris Paul (3) directing his teammates where to go on the court in a game played against the Los Angeles Clippers at Arena. Photo by Mark Hammond/News4usonline