Rams back on the grind with TC opening

IRVINE (News4usonline) – The Los Angeles Rams began the defense of their Super Bowl title from last season by engaging one another on the first day of training camp on the campus of UC Irvine. Rams head coach Sean McVay liked what he saw from his ballclub.

“Okay, a couple of things,” stated at his press conference. “Good first day. Like anything else, there’s a lot of work to be done. There’s going to be a lot of really good things that we can correct, but great leadership, great communication – I really like that part of it. I think the first thing, going back to the other day, we ended up not putting [DB] [Jalen] Ramsey on the PUP as a result of doctors cleared him in a limited fashion that enables him to participate in a lot of the jog throughs – the above the neck stuff, and to be able to have him out here with his teammates with all the different things that we ask of him. He felt good about that. We felt good about that.”

Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford (9) goes through drills on the first day of training camp on July 24, 2022. Photo by Mark Hammond/News4usonline

So, I think that’s what’s best for our football team,” McVay added. “That’s why we kind of pivoted in that direction. It’s good to get [QB] Matthew [Stafford] back out here. He felt good. Just like anything else, whether it’s Matthew or any of our other players, [DT] Aaron [Donald], [LB] Bobby [Wagner], we’re progressing these guys in the right way. Did a good job of getting a lot of work today and we’ll just continue to stack blocks.”

It’s been five months since the Rams knocked off the Cincinnati Bengals to win Super Bowl LVI. Since that victory, the Rams, like other teams have undergone some changes in their personnel. Two big additions to the team in the offseason were the signings of wide receiver Allen Robinson (Chicago Bears) and Bobby Wagner (Seattle Seahawks).

With Robinson now helping form the Rams’ version of the catching triplets, alongside Cooper Kupp and Van Jefferson, Los Angeles has the possibility of being even more explosive on the offense side of the ball. Robinson played four seasons with the Bears. Prior to his time in Chicago, Robinson played four seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Robison, of course, fills the space for the Rams where the now traded Robert Woods once occupied by the reliable Robert Woods.

It was only Day 1 of training camp, but McVay nevertheless was left impressed by what he saw in Robinson.

Los Angeles Rams wide reeiver Allen Robinson (1) on Day 1 of the team’s training camp on July 24, 2022. Photo by Mark Hammond/News4usonline

“Excellent. He’s just a pros pro,” remarked McVay. “The one thing is it’s a new setting for him, but it’s not a new game and he’s been playing at a high level for a really long period of time. But, really smart, really conscientious, all the things that we talked about in the offseason. It was good to be able to see him get out here, couple great contested catches, being able to go up and high point the ball.

“Then, really, you talk about similar to everybody else in our receiver room, what [Receivers] Coach [Eric] Yarber does such a great job of instilling in that culture, a guy that wants to compete without the ball the right way as well. So very pleased with Allen. He’ll be the first to tell you there’s a long way to go, but really excited about him and it was great to be able to get [WR] Van [Jefferson] back out here as well.” 

Quarterback Matthew Stafford coming off a season where he he passed for 4,886 yards and 41 touhdowns in the regular season. Building chemistry with Robinson and his other wideouts is where training camp allows him to do that.

“That’s what we’re doing,” Stafford said. “That’s what this is for. It’s not to come out here on day one and be absolutely perfect. There’s going to be plays, you want back, throws, you want back, all that kind of stuff. We’re just learning to come together as a team. I’m learning him and he’s learning me as individuals and how we fit in this offense and how it’s going to look. I know what kind of worker he is, what kind of attitude he has every time he steps on the field. It’s business. It’s time to go out there and find a way to get better. And that’s fun to be around.” 

Featured Image Caption. Los Angeles wide receiver Van Jefferson and the team goes through a stretching routine on the first day of training camp on July 24, 2022. Photo by Mark Hammond/News4usonline