USC coaches and players believe they can win

USC Media day focused on positional players and assistant coaches

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (News4usonline) – The Heritage Hall located on campus was home to USC Media Day, where players and coaches did Q&A with reporters.

USC Media Day: How it works

USC Media Day featured a handful of players from all positions and their position coaches as they sat down with members of the media to talk about the upcoming college football season.

With Lincoln Riley in town as the Trojans’ new head football coach, things are operating at a higher degree than in recent years. Highly recruited players across the nation seem to be more interested in joining a team with a championship-level coach these days. Athletes transferring from school to school is common nowadays and gives football programs like USC a new look for 2022.

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USC wide receiver Terrell Bynum does the Q&A thing with reporters during the team’s media day. Photo by Dylan Bryant/News4usonline

Over 20 athletes and 10 coaches showed up to address the media and answer their looming questions before the season goes underway. Each player or coach sat down at their own table and reporters went around asking questions. The time slots were 30 minutes for each position. For instance, the running backs along with their coaches sat for 30 minutes answering questions.

Then after the time was up another group of positional players would sit in, along with a position coach. All of the coaches and players were super friendly and even went around the table after thanking all the media for participating.


Coach Kiel McDonald spent the last five years at Utah before joining USC at the start of the 2022 year. McDonald said it had been an easy transition to come to the team as the new running back coach for the Trojans. He expressed his expectations for the running back core for the season.

“Play hard, Play hard every day, please. Honestly, for them (running backs), we just want them to play consistent football, that’s it,” said McDonald.

The entire USC football team has seen some changes in the skilled positions but it does not change the end goal. The selection of a new head coach seems to be an attraction as the Trojans have acquired over 20 new players for the 2022 season.

“Doesn’t matter who we play, doesn’t matter where we play; when we look at the film, did we get better from the last game, did we get better from last practice,” said McDonald finishing his statement on expectations. “We just want to continue on the rise, continue to be on the ascend, game in, game out, week in week out. Just focus on us, nothing else, just our discipline, trying to play our football at a high level for the Trojans.”


Coach Josh Henson is new to USC football this year, like many other coaches and players arriving this season. The same philosophy remains regardless of background, win. Henson is no stranger to football and brings over 20 years of winning experience to the Trojans.

“We think more than anything,” Henson told reporters. “This is what we believe it takes to win, this is where we are at, this is where we have to go. If you want to win there is a price to pay. If you’re willing to pay the price, you will get better and we will get better as a team.”


USC added some running backs to the team this past year. The Trojans now have Oregon- transfer Travis Dye, an all-purpose back capable of stretching the field with his hands and with his feet. A very proven running back, Dye has racked up over 4,000 all-purpose yards in his collegiate career and is looking to add some more.

“DJ Khalid, another one!” was Dye’s response to all of the incoming players and added enforcement of weapons to the team.

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USC assistant coach Josh Henson at Heritage Hall on USC Media Day on August 4, 2022. Photo by Dylan Bryant/News4usonline

Speaking of another one, an addition to the backfield is ex-Stanford back, Austin Jones. Jones is expected to add a versatile running style to help change the pace of the backfield and brings along three years of experience.

“Coming out and being 1-0 every single week, 150 yards each (running back). All of us are doing our thing, no one can stop us,” said Jones.

Between Dye and Jones, the two of them should add more depth to the roster and experience. Sometimes having more weapons than you can handle and a strong bench is a good thing. The Trojans will have more ways to win this upcoming season with these two backs.


Offensive Coordinator Josh Henson spoke very highly about the receivers and told reporters that the receivers have the most depth on this team. He mentioned that a lot of the receivers are very explosive and the team has many weapons at their disposal.

One of those players is wideout Terrell Bynum, a transfer from the University of Washington. Bynum brings four years of experience with him as he returns to his hometown of Long Beach. Bynum said he feels fortunate to be home again and playing for the red and gold.

“This is a more balanced offense and we are able to do a lot more things,” said Bynum.

Closing it out

The Trojans look to shift the culture to winning football moving forward. With many new faces this season, the Trojans expect to improve from last season. The football program seems like it has done a full 180 turn since just a year ago. Riley now has more ways to win than he does to lose.