Beyonce’s Renaissance World Tour is a blast

INGLEWOOD (Compton Bulletin) – Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour took Inglewood by storm on Friday night. On the first night of three evening performances, DJ Khaled opened the concert with a set of hip-hop favorites which excited the audience.

DJ Khaled invited his industry buddies to join him in the revelry. Rapper 2 Chainz came on strong with his hit song “I’m Different.” Offset, Little Wayne, and Coi Leray all shared their talent on the stage.

The crowd cheered and screamed, from the floor to the ceiling, all while wearing an array of silver. From silver hats, glittering tops and rhinestones as eyeshadow, loyal fans came in support of their appointed ‘Queen Bey.’

Photo credit: Beonce Renaissance World Tour

One fan who appeared to be pregnant and well into her third trimester strutted bare-bellied and fully committed to the Renaissance experience. Fans of all demographics collectively rejoiced in the shared experience and waited expectantly for Beyonce to take the stage.

Nearly an hour into the content when Beyonce finally took the stage, she wowed the audience as she serenaded them with soulful singing and excellent runs. Her voice, a lot stronger in a live performance, made her seem larger than life.

While sitting on a grand piano, blowing kisses to her audience, Beyonce exuded the beauty, grace and class that has turned into a global icon. It is no wonder her ‘Beyhive’ loves her. She is magic.

Fog consumed the stage while an elaborate show of technology played on the backdrop. The cozy vibe changed to a club-like atmosphere on stage. A chorus of singers, dancers and French dancing brothers Laurent and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois took the stage in the mirrored energy of Beyonce.

Whenever the atmosphere changed, the audience was given an impressive show of graphics in the background.

One of the other highlights of the evening was that fans were given the opportunity to experience the love between Beyonce and her daughter, Blue Ivy. As Blue Ivy danced, her mother and mentor beamed with an abundance of pride that only a parent could have.

Blue Ivy danced, waved to the crowd and showed her gratitude for being part of her mother’s act by sharing a hand-heart gesture before leaving the stage.

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