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  1. Craig Mitchell ! Courts !

    Craig that looks like she will be your sister my friend did discover her online that looks like my friend will take to his wife she is muslim like him virgin no boyfriends etc. he is writing her everything A-Z what happened and where he is and and and : her name is : Helan Abdulla : she is using the name : Helly Luv : Dreams Do Come True : you tube: she is the hammer she is a bomb she is fighting against a Sect they want her head to kill her my friend did write her to let it be the steps she can not bring danger close to her or to the people around her she is leaving with warrant of arrest the USA : she is MODEL : MODEL : working online : we will see is she born to his wife : he is trying to educate her my friend is writer he is writing since 1987 at the background in the Media anonymus names internet is new 90’s : we will see is she able to his wife is she born to be his wife ! We will see he did write her : RESPECT YOURSELF TO BE FAIR TO YOURSELF TO GET RESPECT !

  2. Craig Mitchell !

    Craig : my friend is also known in the Media as : CDDP : CdoubleDP : COBRA THE DREAM DANCE PEACEMAKER : he is professional sing actor coach also not only fight instructor he is educating all the world champions all fight styles from Muay Thai Boxing Kickboxing to Wrestling to Boxing worldwide : Been Around The World : Puff Daddy : maybe you like that : Hypnotize : Notorious B.I.G : Mo Money Mo Problems :/// California Love : tupac ////the both are killed that looks like the same people my friend would so much know who did kill them they all are still alive two Rappers/HipHoppers ! Been Around The World ! My friend is doing everything at the background in the Media worldwide ! I did hear couple minutes ago : Been Around The World : i got sports earphones JVC HA-EB75 without Microphone ist that ! And Bluetooth does exist too without cable : i do watch everyday online Movies on youtube free: my friend before he came to USA he did watch too and Headphones Wireless DVD’s he did watch that is amazing ! For Tv if you want more Wireless Headphones use you need cables double use tripple etc. TV that is amazing ! Wireless Headphones ! Sport Earphones great for Joggings Bluetooth !

  3. Craig Mitchell !

    Case ORLANDO WARD : he will go back to the streets : orlando ward used to live in the streets homeless in skid row ands the managers and churches did feed him and used to sleep in front of Midnight Mission and homeless : my friend did let me know he got 47.000 homeless in the streets alone in Los Angeles in the streets : orlando ward can not used to live in the streets homeless and from homeless to vice-president of Midnight Mission try to explain that a psychiater : that is against the law as homeless living in the streets to climb the office stairs to be Vice-President of Midnight Mission that is impossible : nobody knows how he got the kitchen work there Midnight Mission and somebody was sick mentally sick ill sick mentally sick damaged made him to vice-president of Midnight Mission because he is retired Basketball Player that makes no sense sick mentally sick to make a retired Basketball Player to his assistent Vice-Presdent : of course everybody want a retired Basketball Player to his assistent but that is against the law he got no qualifications to work in the offices there are more tna 50-70 managers they do feed him and do give a job do let him work in the kitchen and he is getting from homeless to be the vice-president of Midnight Mission they all do feed him how does it work there are 47.000 Homeless in the streets Orlando Ward can not used to be homeless to Vice-President of Midnight Mission that is against the LAW : he can not work there in kitchen long everyday are people there do help as Volunteers in the Kitchen and nobody do give them a JOB in the Office : kitchen worker homeless : he did not talk he was Homeless fake documents they do not let work somebody long in the Kitchen of course not : to get a Job to be saved to give fake documents that is against the law he got to talk about everything in his before he do get a JOB if do not talk: he is working illegal and fake documents he got talk about everything in his life : look compare all thte homeless you do work with them you do help them to get out of the streets nobody do offer them hey you come sit with me in my office : to clear up the situation never happened Courts to talk : Orlando Ward can not be used to be homeless to vice-president of Midnight Mission nobody will believe that fairytale happened against the law : he can not be vice-president of Midnight Mission : the somebody need to go in arrest with Orlando Ward : alone in Los Angeles are 47.000 Homeless a retired Basketball Player got no rights from homeless to be vice-president of a Facility ! All the team Pathways where he is my friend did let them know is going with warrent of arrest to clean the streets with a Bucket and Sweeper : Orlando Ward will clean the streets around Midnight Mission and will help in the kitchen Midnight Mission: my friend did let them know : he do let them pay he do run THE WHITE HOUSE politics worldwide he do let them pay : Orlando Ward got it too my friend will fuck him psychiatry they all will get psychiaters to talk once a week in jail and they got to stay away from him he is big boss worldwide he will fuck them the rest of the life because of their wrong steps just let know what will happen when the time has come i do connect again and than is over everybody there pathways and they left scared supreme justice court usa is coming the left switched my friend does not look like crazy to let them escape : they all do not know how to work : reports will come i do give he sending me everything and i do let Craig know about everything and courts LA CA : they all do streets works the rest of the life and got to pay the budgets back they do get from the city Los Angeles : if there is somebody do support them City Los Angeles will spend the rest of the life psychiatry and street works to clean Los Angeles ! And do me a flavor Craig to let check who is paying everything for Pathways all the cars trucks vans are new there : Orlando Ward can not pay that who is doing that is going in arrest too : for the prize of a new Car Pathways could get 4-7 -10 cars used : Pathways is not a five star Hotel : Orlando Ward got it my friend did let know Letter i have to know everything i do let you pay everything is here new you do not pay that : who is paying the new cars : that is not only Pathways : he will not stay director he is not director somebody is playing a terrible game in the history : Orlando Ward is still homeless he can not be used to be homeless and than vice-president of Midnight Mission how does it work are the people City Los Angeles the courts completely crazy do they need a psychiater ! Look at the people in front of Midnight Mission sleeping he was one of them how that can be homeless kitchen work vice-president of Midnight Mission impossible against the law ! My friend is buisy with the case Bill Cosby ! Nobody knows what is right and what is wrong ! Just let know reports will follow LA CA COURTS !

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