Denzel Washington to star in ‘Hannibal’

Two-time Academy Award winner Denzel Washington is set to star in a new Netflix drama “Hannibal,” the studio announced. 

Fresh off completing and starring in The Equalizer 3, Washington, who won an Oscar as Best Supporting Actor for his character in “Glory” and earned an Academy Award for Best Actor as a rogue cop in “Training Day,” will be teaming up with director Antonie Fuqua. 

Washington and Fuqua has a long history of working together, including joining forces on “Training Day,” “The Magnificent Seven,” “The Equalizer, and “The Equalizer 2.” Washington, who has starred in prominent films such as “Malcolm X,” “Remember the Titans,” “The Hurricane,” “The Bone Collector,” and “Man on Fire,” is known for the richly nuanced roles that he plays. 

Washington has been nominated for an Academy Award a total of 10 times, more than any other actor. In regards to the Netflix project, the plot line so far focuses on the warrior Hannibal who goes on to become a great military commander. According to Netflix, the movie will cover some of Hannibal’s memorable war battles against the Roman Republic. 

The film is also part of Fuqua’s production company, which has a partnership with Netflix. The name of that production company is Hill District Media. Both Fuqua and Washington will serve as producers of the movie along with Erik Olsen and Adam Goldworm. 

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