MIashah Moses 2009 Graduation

Miashah Moses seen at her 2009 high school commencement. (PRNewsFoto/Carol Mersch)

One thought on “MIashah Moses 2009 Graduation

  1. In a controversial murder case fraught with racial undertones, Tulsa Oklahoma Miashah Moses was accused by Tulsa DA Tim Harris of second-degree murder for causing the death of her two small nieces, a four-year-old and a toddler, who she was babysitting after she fed them lunch and left for only eight minutes to empty the trash. In the short time she was gone a faulty oven in the low income apartment burst into flames, and not uncommon occurrence in the complex according to electrical contractors, and the children died of asphyxiation. Another case in Oklahoma, A state still fraught with racial discrimination 100 years after the 1921 race massacre. I found her story in “Guilty When Black” alarming and compelling. Apparently the city of Tulsa has done little to change things.

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