Our Team

Dennis J. Freeman

I am more than a journalist. I write about sports, social justice, and everything else in between. I feel blessed to share my gift as a storyteller, whether it's covering the impeachment trial of a U.S. President or interviewing newsmakers or historic figures. My passion is touching people's lives through the art of creative writing.   

Mark Hammond

Mark Hammond is an exceptional sports and art photographer. "Photography is a passion for me. For me, photography is an artistic lifestyle that allows me to relax, laugh, create, have fun in life, & most importantly remember that it’s a true blessing to have a creative eye to show my artistic abilities." - Mark Hammond

Melinda Meijer

A wildlife imagery czar, international fine art photographer Melinda Meijer’s work spans the globe capturing an array of subjects-both on land and underwater. The realism depicted throughout her collections is undeniably breathtaking from African wildlife, action-packed Pro-sports to underwater adventures. 

Astrud Reed

I am passionate about community engagement, enhancement, and empowerment. I believe participatory art and education, celebrating diversity in culture, race, sexual gender and orientation, economic status, and age, along with evolving urban design techniques, are the keys to achieving these goals.

Ser Baffo

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, photographer Ser Baffo snaps for Ava Duvernay, Will & Jada Smith and many others. Ser Baffo shoots sports, fashion and everything in between. He's also worked as a portrait and BTS photographer for multiple films. He currently makes his bed in Los Angeles. 

Sammy Saludo

Sammy Saludo is a photographic extraordinaire when it comes to high school and collegiate sports. Sammy creates the perfect visual as a seasoned photographer. Besides his photographic skills, Sammy Saludo is renowned as a principal architect for projects in the U.S., the Middle East and Asia.