Robinson Ready to Lead Beavers

October 31 Dennis J. Freeman 0

By Dennis J. Freeman  Oregon State men’s basketball coach Craig Robinson doesn’t lack for confidence. In his fourth season as the Beavers’ coach, Robinson, who is the brother-in-law of President Barack Obama, is expecting big […]


Stuntwomen Recieve Recognition

October 18 Dennis J. Freeman 0

The 4th Annual Celebrity and Stuntwomen’s Awards Luncheon honored past and present black stuntwomen, individuals who have excelled and built productive careers living life on the edge.  The stuntwomen awards banquet recognizes and honors the […]


Boxing Has Become A Circus

October 17 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Professional boxing has now become a haven for clowns. It is no longer regarded as the sport where people once reverenced it as the sweet science. Boxing has now become a sport reduced to more […]


Running from Dad’s Shadow

October 4 Dennis J. Freeman 0

Standing in the shadows of an American icon can be a pretty daunting task if your father is Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington. But John David Washington, Denzel’s son, decided he was going to draw […]


Slavery by Another Name

October 3 Dennis J. Freeman 0

  Author Douglas A. Blackmon took a column he wrote a decade ago about slavery in this country and ran with that theme all the way to winning the prestigious Pulitzer Prize. In 2009, Blackmon […]